02 August 2007 at 11:22 AM EST

Today's IQ: Herb Kohl

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"We need to have an immigration policy that is tough with respect to enforcement but also fair in creating a path to legalization for hardworking, law-abiding immigrants."

-- Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3 March 2006

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What does Senator Kohl mean by creating a path to legalization for "hardworking, law-abiding immigrants"? By "law-abiding" I would think this rules out anyone who entered the country illegally, but his statement contains a whiff of the calculated ambiguity that most politicians indulge in.

The immigration disaster isn't just about legality — it's about the numbers of immigrants and how they add to, or detract from, American traditions and culture. We have to acknowledge that some cultures have values that place them at odds with ours. It's not our job to make them "assimilate" — probably impossible anyway in many cases — but to stop the dissolution of the country into dozens of ethnic groups with little in common and no loyalty to anything beyond their clans.

Since when is citizenship a trifle to be awarded to someone just for staying out of trouble? Senator Kohl needs to be thinking about the interests of the country first, not about being "fair" to people who shouldn't be here in the first place.

Law abiding illegal alien invader, is a oxy-moron....speaking of moron HERB.

What Senator Kohl said sounds like an oxymoron to me. He wants to be tough on enforcement of this policy but fair in creating a path to legalization for hardworking, law-abiding immigrants. Well if they broke the law to get here how are law abiding? This is why we need Tom Tancredo for president.

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