23 August 2007 at 1:11 PM EST

The Tancredo Effect: Newark

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"Immigration Checks Ordered in New Jersey"

"The New Jerseyattorney general, Anne Milgram, on Wednesday ordered local law enforcement agencies to inquire about the immigration status of criminal suspects and notify federal authorities whenever they believe someone arrested is in the country illegally. "

"And on Monday, Representative Tom Tancredo, a Republican from Coloradowho is running for president on a conservative immigration platform, accused Newark officials of being complicit in the murders because of their lax approach."

                                                                                                                                                        -N.Y. Times, 8/23/07

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Good for Tom. God Bless him. Have you noticed that in just a couple of days all of the front runners have jumped on this issue? I hope the people will remember who led the way.

Is somebody sending Mitt Romney Tom Tancredo's campaign scripts??? Mitt sounds more and more like Tanc than (Romney) himself these days!

Thanks to our Tancredo, changes are starting to occur in this country! Tom - you're making a huge, but positive difference and your supporters back you 100%. Your army in Iowa started out small, but your hard work and perseverance is making an impact! American citizens are listening and paying attention and you continue to make an impact with the media.

The issue for discussion on H & C centered around the inexcusable murder of young students by illegal immigrants in a sanctuary city! Unfortunately, similar scenarios happen every day in this country - in Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, California, etc. One death of an American citizen by an illegal immigrant should be enough for our policy makers to change the policies.

Tom, thank you for maintaining your cool on Hannity and Colmes - you easily could have lost your civility with Geraldo and Colmes. Geraldo made himself look like a blithering fool while grasping at tangents having nothing to do with the topic! Colmes was just as bad!

Everyone who watched the show and was outraged should call or email Fox News and share your disgust at the manner in which the "debate" was run!

Thanks, Alan, for posting the segment!

A bit late, Ms. Attorney General of New Jersey, to change or clarify the policy now! Just like the mayor of Newark and any other sanctuary city, and even our own President - if you are unable to uphold the laws of this country, you should step down and allow someone else to do the job! Like Tom Tancredo says in regards to illegal immigration, "It's simple - enforce the laws". Tom, seven years is a long time to fight for what you believe in, but you are making a difference! Keep at it! We're behind you! Patrice in AZ

We must remember that Tom has been working for these kinds of rulings for years. It is his (Tancredo)effect, and he needs to get the credit for what he has done. If he hadn't gone to Newark and made a stand, the issue would still be broiling with dissension. As the previous post says, voters/people need to remember "who has led the way."

All these jelly spine candidates, that hate Tom.....now want to talk and be like Tom.

You are right Bobbie, It seems they are all saying now what Tom Tancredo has been saying for years. I just hope everyone wakes up and sees that Tom Tancredo is the one that really should be the front runner.

I just want to know where in tarnation my Congresscritter is! Not like he's actually represented me for the past eight years (he only promised to serve six, but when was the last time you saw a politician keep his promise?), but I just don't see him doing anything other than getting his ego stroked.

There's a practical solution to the illegal immigration problem: impose a 500% excise tax on compensation paid to illegals, to be paid by the employer. We already have the database -- IRS knows who is stealing SSNs. The rest of OVERDUE isn't bad, but any economist knows that you have to solve the problem at its source. Stop the demand, and you'll dry up the supply.

I think it's outstanding that all of New Jersey's police forces have to check the status of people the believe are ILLEGAL CRIMINALS in this Country.

As Congressman Tancredo has shown one person's voice really can make a difference. So, if there ever comes a time you think that it won't matter if you speak up, or not, remember that Tom has shown you the way and it really does matter.


Thomas "Creampuff" Willems
Marcus, Iowa

We hear over and over again about "comprehensive" immigration reform. I want to know why we don't have comprehensive national security. As good of a job as our troops are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, they cannot be expecteed to go out, find, and kill every last terrorist with the intent and ability to come to America and pull off more terrorist attacks. There are people all over the globe that want to do this and if we expect to simulaneously keep our country safe from them and keep our borders porous, then that is exactly what we are expecting our military to do. This is not rational and inevitably we will be attacked again. I've followed Tom Tancredo for years and he is the only Republican running that has been truly fighting this fight. The others have been open border advocates at worst and apathetic at best but now want us to believe they are for secure borders.

CFR needs to be an issue. On www.firesociety.com a number of have been trying to research the organization to see a clear picture of it's membership. The number of people outraged by it is growing!

Tom you would be doing the country a favor to get the truth out on that organization and it's membership.

God bless!

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