01 August 2007 at 11:57 AM EST

The Family Security Foundation Interviews Tancredo

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Check out this exclusive interview with Congressman Tom Tancredo by FSM Contributing Editor Tom McLaughlin.

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I just read this interview. WOW!!! I am so impressed with this man. I hope and pray that he gets to be our next President. I wish every American would take a little time to listen, really listen, to what this wonderful man has to say. He makes a lot of sense and if people would listen to him I think they would like what he stands for...WE the PEOPLE and AMERICA... He is one of us...the common hard working American... who really cares about the future of WE the PEOPLE and AMERICA. I can't say that I feel that way about our present President and most of our Congressmen. They are serving their own purposes and I am so very disappointed in them. I feel they are selling out our country and if we don't take a stand and fight for it this country is lost. People need to check out this thing called the North American Union. Seems they don't want us to know about it. I don't know how Mr. Tancredo feels about it but I hope he is against it. I don't see how it can be good for America. Anyway great interview Mr. Tancredo, you just keep getting better and better. Thank you and Good Luck in the Iowa straw poll.

T in Colorado - I joined Tom Tancredo's Save America team a few months ago and, while visiting family in Iowa, I was able to personally meet Tom and listen to him share his views. He truly is a remarkable and knowledgable Congressman and he speaks from his heart about our country's sovereignty. Now that I've returned to Arizona, and thanks to Mike Tate's daily blogs, I stay informed on Tancredo's campaign back in Iowa. His message IS being heard and it's up to those of us who support Tom to spread the word! Tom Tancredo will bring character and integrity to the White House! This country needs Tom Tancredo as our next President!

To Patrice from AZ: I agree with you whole-heartedly- we need Tom Tancredo in the White House. Being a fellow Coloradoan I first became aware of Mr. Tancredo, several years ago when he spoke on the news about education and then about illegal immigration. Me and my husband have been paying attention to him ever since. When he said that he might run for President we were ecstatic and the day he did announce his candidacy I jumped for joy. We haven't had a chance to meet him but I hope one day in the coming months he will be coming to a small town in SE Colorado and I will be there ready to shake his hand. I am happy there are people like you spreading the word as are we. I am tired of the media poking the "top 3 or 4" candidates down our throats as if there aren't any others out there. I guess good things take time and we will be there supporting him all the way. GO TANCREDO GO!!

T in Colorado:
I am Patrice (from Arizona's) sister and I live in central Iowa. I am now a Tancredo supporter thanks to my sister. I admit,a year ago, I'd never heard of Tom Tancredo. My sister started emailing me about his fierceless illegal immigration fight.Needless to say, I was estatic when the Tanc decided to run for President and announced it on WHO radio here in Iowa. My sister and I have had the utmost pleasure of meeting Mr. Tancredo and we are huge Tancredo supporters. We were present when he spoke at the opening of his Ames headquarters. We have followed him around to several towns in central Iowa and I am amazed to see the audiences grow in leaps and bounds as his name and message is gaining momentum in Iowa.I have never met such an honest politician. I believe in Tom Tancredo. He's the real deal. He doesn't come with entourages, private jets or secret service agents (but probably should soon!) or $400 haircuts. He takes time out to speak with people, have a photo taken and sign autographs. What a personable candidate. I strongly feel that Tom is getting the message across to Iowans about his persistant stance on illegal immigration and Iowans are starting to get it. I am volunteering my time now for Mr. Tancredo's campaign and will be volunteering the day of the straw poll. I can only pray that someday you have the same honor I have had in meeting this great and humble man. He has all of my respect. Along his campaign trail, I have met many wonderful Colorado Friends for life. And it's one great person that has brought us all together, Tom Tancredo. One by one, we are are speading the great word about Tom Tancredo. I am voting Tancredo at the straw poll and for President of the USA. Tom has the guts to stand up for Americans and thanks to him, illegal immigration is being talked about in the state of Iowa now. Thanks for your support, T in Colorado, and WE WILL VOTE TOM TANCREDO AT THE STRAW POLL!!


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