22 August 2007 at 4:38 PM EST

Tancredo's Strafford County Straw Poll Speech

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Not a great speech......but a GREAT SPEECH !! What makes is great is, no speech writer, no podium, no notes! All words spoken are his views and ideas on American values, as they all are!


I agree Dave. Mr. Tom Tancredo speaks with passion from his heart. I alway say "TOM IS A SANE VOICE IN INSANE TIMES!"

"Tom is a sane voice in insane times" good call Norma.
I believe in Tom Tancredo as I attended his only California appearance at the Nixon Library. As a result of this I send "Tom Tancredo for a secure America" $25 a month. It's not a lot of money and it probably doesn't help much but I do not miss it. BUT if all Tom Tancredo supporters did the same he could raise the bar of his campaign. THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people, just $25.00 a month. I look at his schedule on his website and worry about him getting run down. Tom Tancredo is invisible to the mainstream media as many here in California have not heard of him. It's all Hillary...Obama...Romney...GOO-LEE-ANNY. There all all "Turds in a toilet"...pick one...that the media is trying to cram down out throats. Tom Tancredo is our only chance for change. It takes "Crazy" money to run for president as the "MILLIONS" Mitt Romney spent to win Iowa straw poll.
Lets go "TEAM" TANCREDO 2008 GO!

I couldn't agree more with you all. That speech really was GREAT!! Tom is really wowing the crowds. I love hearing his speeches and this is the second time I've been moved to tears. He is so deserving to be our next President. Tom is the only REAL original candidate out there - as we can see now who ALL the copycats are. Please let Tom know his supporters are keeping the faith and looking forward to seeing and hearing from cyberspace his next appearances in his Save America Campaign. God Bless.

Tancredo has the commonsense and courage America desperately needs in its next president.

I agree, it's an incredible speech. Too bad more Americans can't hear it.

I am moved to tears every time I hear Tom speak. He does have a great following. If Alan will allow me, there is a nationwide discussion forum where Tom's support is about 30 or more to 1 of the regular posters. We get support from each other to keep up the fight for Tom.


We also send regular messages to the main stream media that we want to hear more from this candidate.

Tom is the only candidate with a message for a sovereign nation and secure borders. America had better wake up to this, or start figuring out how many dollars it will take to buy an amero.

Has this man lost his mind...speaking in America about individual responsibility, Limited government, saying we can secure our borders, enforce the law, quotes the bible,because God said "I knew you before you were in the womb", and he talks about our Lord and Saviour ....all in a nation that has murdered 40 million children, and called it pro choice, has given our goverment more power than ever, has inched closer and closer to Socialism, has turned it's back on the creator of the heavens and earth and every living thing within.
Or is this man a GREAT American, that knows that with prayer that the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings can heal and save our nation. That knows the governments role is to protect U S citizens from our enemies, that knows we can secure our borders, and those government officials, both Democrats and Republicans, that havn't and have lied and said "we can't", have felled their oath of office miserably.
This is a very unique man, and we may never get the chance to support a TRUE BLUE AMERICAN, like this again.
God Bless You, and your family Mr Tom Tancredo!!

How refreshing to hear a talk based on common sense and logic. I cannot even call it a speech...he was just talking to his audience. Tom is a breath of fresh air for America. Other candidates are giving him the biggest compliment possible by parroting him! I don't care what some of the 'polls' are showing, Tom is gaining momentum and it is a long time until the primaries! My prayers are for Tom and his family, me and my family and American families. With sincere, focused leadership...what Tom represents, our country may be able to not only survive, but thrive once again. God Bless you Tom!

Malinda Handforth
Kansas City, Missouri

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