05 August 2007 at 11:37 PM EST

Tancredo's Post Debate Thoughts

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I recently read the latest Tancredo for President e-mail newsletter from Bay Buchanan regarding Tancredo's excellent performance in the debate in Iowa. Go TOM!

I was disappointed in the Subject heading, which reads: THE LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA IS ALIVE AND WELL!

Ms. Buchanan - please wake-up and recognize that the media is far from "liberal." You are correct in saying "establishment media." We as true conservatives, like Rep. Tancredo, are not beholden to the corporate media interests. George Stephanopoulos did not grill the leading candidates, for fear of not having "access" to their campaigns in the future.

If we fall into the "liberal" media trap, just because we like throwing that term around, we will never be able to handle the establishment.

P.S. "Liberal establishment" is also a contradiction in terms. Let's look smarter than Romney and Giuliani, not ignorant.

George S....stands for slime. ABC claims to have a debate and doesn't mention illegal aliens the entire hour and a half.

And doesn't even want to ask Tom a question- what a joke of a network and a low class excuse of a host.

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