05 August 2007 at 9:50 AM EST

Tancredo's Deterrent

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Tancredo is asked about his deterrent to nuclear attack by Al-Qaeda, which he said earlier in the week and also a few years back.

He declares his job is to protect and defend the American people. And offers a beacon of hope for those who know his deterrent would work.

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Tom Tom,

I am 100% behind you. Attacking and destroying Moslem faith in allah is the only way to defeat islam. make it was-lam tom, right on! the only things these monsters understand is force: check out westerndefense.org and the article about the western response to islam by yochanan ramati an israeli expert on the subject.

forrest shalom www.blogtalkradio.com/forrest_shalom

P.S. I was impressed by your public stand for Jesus Christ. Right On Brother! May God help you become president. we need a principled man in the oval office, hopefully you are not a member of the lodge or other secret societies...

Wow... some one actually said it!!!!!! I think it was a tough move politically but I think it needed to be said. We have learned a lot in the past 5 years but there is no substitute for what we knew the first five minutes of the ground war. Moderate Muslims have the power but will not use it because many of them are quietly on the side of the fundamentalists/extremists. We need need to call their bluff and take it home. It is time we motivate them to do the right thing. You definitely struck a nerve and hit a vulnerability. It might not be the political thing to do but it is the right thing to do. Keep the pressure on. By the way... for those who say what "Ace" do we have after the fact. I would say air craft carriers. Don't put a single ground troop on the ground. Bomb strategic site after strategic site. Collapse their economies and fight this war like it is a war... not a politically correct police action.

Thank you Tom for standing up for America...you have made it plain ,and are the ONLY presidential candidate, that is willing to do what ever it takes to protect out great nation.

Tom says it like it is. We need someone like him in office to stand up for the United States of America. We can't be afraid to give ultimatums,rather than trying to be politically correct and saying what sounds good.

Don't let the American-Arab Anti- Discrimination Committee get to you. You are right, Mr. Tancredo. The only thing that a terrorist understands is a resolve to be strong no matter the cost. I stand behind you 100%!

I disagree with Tom Tancredo on a number of things (including our deployment in Iraq), but his bold proposal -- a threat to use our military might to force an end to support for Islamic fascism -- is not one of them.

Finally! Someone has had the guts to say that we should defend ourselves! The only thing I'd change would be to add Tehran and Damascus to the target list.

Mr. Tancredo's problem is this: to win the badly-named "war on terror" will require us to enforce the separation of mosque and state -- to coerce an end, not to Islam itself, but to Islamic governance. But I don't know how he can support separation of church and state abroad while opposing it here.

My family and I totally stand behind you Tom. You are the only one that has the guts to say anything against evil islam. In these dangerious times we need a leader that understands what this country is facing. You are right we are at war with Islam. The American people know it and they have waited so long for someone to finally say this IS the case. You are the only one in our gutless government that is willing to speakout. Thank you Tom. My family and I will see you August 11th in Ames. Our vote is yours my friend! Carry on and keep up the good fight for true americans! All those that know the truth stand beside you in unity.

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