29 August 2007 at 6:18 PM EST

Tancredo to visit New Hampshire

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For all of our supporters in New Hampshire, make sure to come and see the Congressman (events below).

Also make sure to watch the Congressman at the FOXNews debate on 9/5!

9/4/07 7:00 pm
Town Hall Meeting
Lions Club
256 Mammouth Road
Londonderry, NH 03053

9/5/07 9:00 PM
FOXNews Presidential Debate
University of New Hampshire Whittemore Center
128 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824

9/6/07 9:00 AM
Devine, Millimet Law Firm & Manchester Chamber of Commerce
111 Amherst Street
Manchester, NH 03101

9/6/2007 7:00 PM
Town Hall Meeting
Merrimack Court Room
8 Baboosic Lake Road
Merrimack, NH 03054

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Nice to see all the new bloggers. I feel comfortable and am asking all the other bloggers if you can post your city and state so we can start networking & campaigning with each other in our own states. I am heavily involved in Iowa and am looking for supporters (in Iowa) that want to get involved. We are gearing up to move full speed ahead with Tanc's campaign..... so get on board! Any Iowans out there that want to help???

Hey everyone, this is my first time commenting but I have been reading Tom's blog for months now. I think it is time for all us Tom supporters to get out and let our voices be heard. When I say get out, I mean write on blogs where ever the talk of the presidential election is. One of the main places I think we need to take over is CNN. When was the last time you saw anything about Tom on CNN?? I read CNN.com daily and there is nothing. They have a "Presidential Ticker" which supposedly has all the hot up to date news about the Presidential Election and this is not true at all. The reason it is not true is because Tom is not mentioned in one article. Check out the "Ticker" and see how many articles there are. Then press "Control" and the letter "F" on your keyboard. This will bring up a search box. If you put his name in, then you will see he is not in one article and it has been this way for weeks. I have already written a letter to CNN asking for them to talk up Tom more and make this election fair. Go to the "CNN Ticker" and write them a letter. The most important part of your letter though is to BE NICE!! They will not change if they get bombarded with hate letters since they are not talking about Tom. We have obviously made an impact with Fox News. They have been showing Tom a lot more recently and I think we should all really appreciate that. Now it's time for us to take over CNN. You are able to write comments on any article as well. I wrote comments when CNN was praising Mitt Romney on speaking against sanctuary cities and said how Tom Tancredo spoke of this a week before and he received no credit. I also always drop www.teamtancredo.com so people know where they can find more information about Tom. Well, I think that is enough for now. GO TOM GO!!! The ball is rolling and we just need to help get his name out on any source possible. Come on Tom's Army, let's roll!!!

I want to join the Tancredo for President campaign but I'm having trouble finding a Los Angeles office. Can someone direct me?

Also, Tancredo's website doesn't work very well. I tried to sign the petition, and use other "fill in your name" pages, but all I got were error messages. Nothing worked. Come on, guys. If we want him to win, we've got to at least give a show of competence from his team, yes?


We do not have a L.A. office at this time. We have offices in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

We are aware that the website is having some major issues. We were attacked by a hacker last week and are in the process of upgrading our security.

We are hoping that our new website will be up by tomorrow, if not then Monday. Please be patient as we go through this transition.

Thank you for your support!



Alan, You are doing an outstanding job managing the website and postings on Tom's blog. Thank you so much. Tanc is finally gaining well deserved momentum in the media. Keep up the good work, Alan, in keeping us informed about our presidential candidate! Very impressive!

According to the AP the Mexican trucks are going to cross the border this Saturday, this Labor Day weekend. The Bush administrations plan allows Mexican trucks to haul cargo anywhere in the United States. The Teamsters Union attempted an emergency injunction on Wednesday from the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco. We know what this will do to the American independent trucker and to the safety of the American family on our Interstate Highways. No one will really know who is behind the wheel or what cargo they will be carrying. For more information go to:


Does Congressman Tom Tancredo wish to make a public statement regarding this.

Carole-Thank you so much! I really enjoy working on this website and always appreciate the feedback.

Campbell-I spoke with a reporter yesterday on this very issue. The Congressman is in full support of the effort of the Teamsters to stop Mexican trucks from carrying their cargo in the U.S.

I may send out a public statement on this, thanks for raising this issue!


Does anybody else think this nation is in a severe crisis? We have illegal immigrants overwhelming our cities and states, and those in office who attempt to curb the invasion are being obstructed by judges, attorneys, and immigrant activist groups! The border along Mexico is invisible and our border patrol agents claim it's not their job to stop illegal immigrants or the flow of drugs! Hundreds of thousands of babies are being born in our hospital to parents who are not citizens, and we taxpayers foot the bill. Our citizens are being raped and murdered by people who should not be here in the first place - many of them committing crime after crime only to be set free by our police force because they don't have the authority to detain or deport them! Our jobs are being exported daily, and those that aren't being exported are being filled by workers with fraudulent identificatiion or stolen social security numbers. And now we are opening the interstates to Mexican trucks - carrying who knows what!

We need Tom Tancredo to help us take our country back!

to Chicago supporter - Welcome aboard - your ideas are great! I live in AZ and unfortunately, there is no Tancredo office set up out here yet either! I feel that I need to help with the campaign in some manner, so I make comments and share information on this site, as well as firesociety.com (There are many Tancredo supporters there and others who are looking for a candidate to support).

Many of us are willing to help with Tancredo's campaign in any way we can! We just need direction!

Horez' Bush and his gang just will not be happy until we are a third world hellhole....it's about time the Teamsters begin to fight.

A few months back I watched a video, of a Teamsters official, giving a speech in California. The crowd was mostly Mexican and illegal criminals, and the Teamster official passionately told this group-"you deserve to be here, you deserve citizenship.

When illegal aliens are driving trucks all over America for nine dollars an hour...their officials and their silence will be remembered.

Join General Tom Tancredo's Army against Amnesty TODAY!

I'm in Eastern Washington, if there's anyone else out there. Personally, I'm thinking of opening my own Tom Tancredo for President office. :D

Hey Alan-

You wouldn't have had the hacking problems on Tanc's site had you been using Fred Elbel, the outstanding webmaster many of us on the anti-Invasion side are using for our websites. I urge you to give Fred a call. I believe he knows Tanc. If you want references, I'll be happy to give you/the Congressman my kudos re: Fred. Fred's been my web man for 3.5 years and I've never been hacked, yet my site is very visible in the net.

Also, why didn't Tanc enter the Texas Straw Poll? Hunter cleaned house there today. Tanc got only 6%. Is it because Tanc knew that Hunter had a better organization there?

I wish Tanc luck in the NH Debate. I hope he starts going after the first tier. It's the only way he's going to get noticed. My suggestion is to ignore Benito and go after Mr. Flip-Flop. Benito's starting to fade, and with FT getting in, all three top tier will lose support. That's the time to Tanc to make his move.

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