26 August 2007 at 6:30 PM EST

Tancredo to Appear on the Terry Anderson Show

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Listen to the Congressman tonight at 9:00 PCT on the Terry Anderson Show!

Listen live here:


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I'll be listening to Tom in Phoenix on KFNX.

Check out theterryandersonshow.com for additional proof that we need Tom Tancredo as our next President! More pictures and videos about the "invasion"! Tancredo supporters - we need to help spread the word! If you cannot listen to Tom on Terry's radio show, share Terry's website with your family members and friends all over the country! Our nation's sovereignty is in our hands, with Tanc as our leader.

Thank you, Alan, for the up-to-date posts!

My husband and I are listening to Mr. Tom Tancredo now on the Terry Anderson show. Everytime we here him talk we have more and more respect for him. Thank you very much Terry Anderson for having him on your show. Mr. Tom Tancredo is like I have said before "A Sane Voice In Insane Times!" Continued Prayers for Tom Tancredo, his family and all his staff.

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