31 August 2007 at 2:13 PM EST

Tancredo Supporters Unite!

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There have been many requests for more organization through the website for our fellow supporters.  Our good friends at Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform have done just that!

Start a Meetup group today!  Follow this link:


Also make sure to visit MINN-SIR:


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Great to see this! Everyone get active!

Alan, Wonderful! This is what everyone has been waiting for! Good job.
Caree-- Luther, Ia

Yes - Thanks so much, Alan and anyone else who initiated this! Finally, we supporters can feel like we're helping with Tom's campaign!

Hi Alan,
Any way of adding this Meetup page info as a PERMANENT key element of Tom's website, (all pages) so anyone that is visiting the website will know to access Meetup.com to get in touch with Tancredo supporters? Check out Ron Paul's website- something similar.
[email protected]

Thanks for having this space.
I like to know if this is a place were I can present my
idea of how we make Tom more familiar to the general public that may not have computer.
I copy Tom's face and letters from the computer that said TOM TANCREDO FOR PRESIDENT AND THE WEB SITE. I tape
it to the back of my pick up and the side window of my
car. Free propaganda.The sooner we do it the better impact.
Imagine so many cars in the freeways and streets of the whole country!
Francisca Galvan
Say no to illegal immigration!

I know we are all here because we support Tom's campaign! Because his campaign includes a tough stance on illegal immigration, I am posting a website for anyone who's interested in signing a petition to support House Resolution 1940, which would end birthright citizenship for babies of non-citizens. Please go to www.birthrightpetition.com and sign the petition if you'd like to see action regarding this resolution, (which Tancredo endorses).

Also, now that 17.9 miles of the (854 miles) border fence have been constructed (although it's a single layer, not double), it's time to call the President and remind him that we demand the fence be built immediately with the $800 million available from the Fence Act! Please call the White House comment line at 1-202-456-1111 (You can leave a message).

I was not sure where to post this, but I guess this will do.
I am so proud of Tom for wanting to cut off the billions of tax payer dollars spent on New Orleans. Way to go Tom! Where are the insurance companies? Why do we even have insurance? If the Feds are going to bail everyone out, I think I'll cancel my insurance and just sit back and let uncle sam rebuild my home for me and save the thousands of dollars I pay insurance companies.
Why are we trying to rebuild a "below sea level" city when everyone knows it is just going to happen again and probably even worse. Those people choose to live there, let them deal with it and don't use my tax dollers! Enough is enough.

Hey Caree, I love your email address. Anyone here from SoCal? We need to get our meetup group going. I don't want to divulge my email address here, but maybe if you email Alan, he'll forward it on to me, that is if it's okay with you Alan. Thanks so much.

Come join our myspace group that is supporting Tom for President!


This is not just homer website. We debate the issues and policies..we are not afraid to discuss socialism and the Neo-cons!

All are welcome!

To California Dreamer: if you go to meetup.com site, you can view who in Cali is already signed up waiting for a meetup to be formed. There are currently 4 people in Cali interested......name and city. I believe you can email back and forth once you are registered on the site. If you need help, you can email me directly.
Glad to see everyone getting excited about this communication website!

James, Thank you for the info on the myspace website. I will be checking it out....

An entire city under sea level,ummmmm.....could be a sanctuary city

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