23 August 2007 at 11:50 AM EST

Tancredo on WPR for 1 hour interview today at 5:00 PM EST

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If you are looking to hear Congressman Tancredo speak on a variety of issues and take calls, make sure you listen to "At Issue with Ben Merens" today on Wisconsin Public Radio:


You can listen online here:


To join Ben's program live, call toll-free 1-800-486-8655 or 227-2050 if you're in the Milwaukee area.

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Wow! I loved this comprehensive interview that showcased Tom's positions and his strengths. How refreshing that he wasn't beaten over the head either by the host or the callers. Thank you Tom for all you're doing. You're #1 in my book. The people of Milwaukee were indeed treated to the BEST last week.

Yes, this interview with Merens was excellent and allowed Tom the opportunity to comment on a number of issues. He was candid and introspective, and gave forthright answers to all the questions he was asked. It was one of the best one on ones, with questions and detailed answers, that I have heard.

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