25 August 2007 at 7:32 PM EST

Tancredo on the O'Reilly Factor w/ Michelle Malkin

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Tom - Once again you show America why you should be our next President! Thank you for your "tireless" efforts in your campaign to bring forth the truth and to speak for Americans who feel their voices have been silenced in regards to illegal immigration, our laws, and sanctuary cities!

Dave from California brings up a good point in a following comment. He mentions that its time for Tancredo supporters to unify and make an impact in Tom's campaign! I think most of us agree with you, but we're not sure how to do that, other than by making generous donations!

Through another website (firesociety.com), I was able to link up with several more Tancredo supporters. Certainly someone has an idea that can unify Tom's supporters, so we can maximize Tom's campaign momentum!

Thanks Michelle and Thanks Tom America NEEDS YOU!!!


Tom was right on. It was a great interview. Keep up the fantastic work Tom. Your effective leadership is causing change and that's what America needs so badly. A courageous leader who isn't afraid to buck the establishment and a Patriotic leader who looks out for and protects Americans FIRST! You're our hero!

Tancredo 2008

How's this sound for a presidential ticket....Tancredo/Malkin 2008

To Patrice in Arizona:

I have suggested the idea of a nationwide internet radio broadcast promoting the Tank, but the idea has yet to be implemented and even when I tried twice to post an announcement for my show Forrest Shalom Live! on blogtalkradio.com in which I was promoting Tom's candidacy , it was not posted. Furthermore this blog doesn't seem to promote participation by Tom's supporters as it can take up to 24 hours for a post to appear, and that's too long in this day of instantaneous communication.

All I can say is this was a great program. Michelle was awesome. We need more in the media like her. Tom Tancredo is starting to get more attention. Like another poster stated (Tom Tancredo is our hero too)!

In a note to Forrest Shalom of blogtalkradio.com, go to firesociety.com and place your information there. You will have to join the site, to post, but it is a simple process. Several people that post on Tom's blog here, are members. You could post your information on firesociety, and I am sure the word would be transferred all over the internet as to your program and information about Tom.

The Michelle Malkin interview was very informative and Tom gave the viewers a good idea of the legal ramifications of Sanctuary City policies. It was good to hear an uninterrupted dialogue. Thanks for returning to FOX, Tom. We appreciate you overlooking the rudeness of the previous "debate" on Hannity&Colmes. Go Tom!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

One of my favorite quotes. And when I think of this quote Congressman Tancredo comes to mind. Tom is one of the few politicans willing to do something to fight the evil that our country faces today.

God Bless Congressman Tancredo, and May God Help America!!

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