31 August 2007 at 12:14 PM EST

Tancredo on Out in the Open w/ Rick Sanchez

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I do wish that every host would just simply give Congressman Tancredo a sufficient opportunity to lay out the case. And, the host didn't even truly stay on topic, which was the Gomez boys. As always, however, Congressman Tancredo did an excellent job handling the interview. I liked his style of getting a handle on the discussion so that he could speak for the maximum time, albeit only a couple minutes.

Alan, Please post this immediately:

To all of Tom's bloggers, this is the only way I can network right now with you. Just getting the momentum going back in IOWA for Tanc and need your help.Several people from other states that I notice on Tom's blog are asking what they can do to help Tom's campaign. If anyone out there has a main stream media email group list, can you forward it to me at tancsarmy@yahoo.com. In additon, if anyone else has anything in mind they can help with across state lines thru email/internet or their talents, I'll mention this to the appropriate folks here managing Tom's campaign. Please email me.

Alan knows who I am and I am legit Tanc supporter/worker.
Thank you!

Caree from Luther, Iowa

Just wanted to post this idea:

My friend and I are going to have a series of garage sales, the money to benefit Tom's campaign/our hope for the future. If every supporter does that, think of the contributions!

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