30 August 2007 at 3:23 PM EST

Tancredo on CNN tonight!

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Make sure to watch CNN tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

Congressman Tancredo will be on "Out in the Open" with Rick Sanchez.

They will be discussing the Gomez brothers situation.

See article here for background info:


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What's the deal with the main website? It has said that it was hacked into and will be up Monday. I've seen a similiar message for atleast a week.

Another excellent interview by Congressman Tancredo. Although there wasn't much time, at least Mr. Sanchez allowed our Congressman to respond. While I feel sorry for the two boys from Florida, I don't feel sorry enough to want them to stay in the U.S. I wish them the best, but I feel America is under such a threat from illegal immigration that we need to put much more effort into border security and deportation.

I watched the show. Tom looked good and stated his position well. Where do people get off thinking the law should only be selectively enforced?

Who is introducing this special amnesty bill anyway?

Tom was good, concise and stood his ground on what the law says, and related exactly what happens to illegals who overstay their visas.

The parents overstayed and now their sons are paying the consequences of the choices their parents made. Had they returned to Columbia 10 plus years ago, and applied for citizenship at that time, possibly their boys could have returned to Florida and completed college as citizens.

Tom made it clear that the lack of enforcement of the immigration laws has created these kinds of situations with illegal immigrant families, and as he reiterated, it is not fair to those families who have gone through the process legally.

Hopefully Tom will be asked to return to Sanchez's program. I think Sanchez really does like Tom's approach.

We waited almost 45 minutes to catch 3 minutes of Tom? No wonder I hardly ever watch CNN.

Loved the point Congressman Tancredo made about a C student being deported, but a B student can stay. I felt the interview was too short and the host wanted to hear himself talk, but any appearance on national TV is worth doing.

Tancredo supporter in NJ

Mr. Sanchez is pro-illegal person on TV. I've seen him many times defending (specially Latino)undocumented workers. I think it is a shame that the person, whose job just to deliver the news and not state his opinion, became so politically involved in delivering his opinion, we don't care about. I didn't see this interview, but suspect that Tom Tancredo was not giving enough time to state his opinion and was interrupted by Mr. Sanchez every time, when he was making good point. This is a style of this suppose to be independent correspondent.

Natalia - You are exactly right! From the beginning of the show, the audience members were told Tom Tancredo would be sharing his views on the story. We waited and waited and waited! Finally, with five minutes left in the show, Rick Sanchez inroduced the "plight" of the family - giving them several minutes of air time, background, interviewing the boys, etc., while Tom waited patiently to have his turn. I heard more "biased" reporting from Sanchez as he introduced Tancredo by saying, "My producer says you want these guys out." What an introduction!

Again, Tom made several very valid points. I liked his comment - who do you deport, the C- student, but you let the C+ or the B student stay. Give us all a break!

Tom also pointed out that these boys are "not model citizens", as Mr. Sanchez stated. They're not citizens at all!

The parents had no regard for the laws ten years ago when they overstayed their tourist visas! They brought this situation upon themselves and their boys!

Thanks again, Tom, for holding true to your convictions and for making valid arguments in the interview!

We need a President who will do the same!

I will be emailing Rick Sanchez and sharing my views with him also.

Again, if you felt the interview was clearly biased, you'll let CNN and Rick Sanchez know about it!

Alan, I hope you'll be able to post the videos on this too.

Patrice, I appreciate your comments on the blog and your patriotism. Arizona needs people like you! Keep up the good work!

Hi James - Things are starting to roll! I, too, appreciate your comments and support for Tom's campaign. My sister, Carole, is helping out with the organization in Iowa. This support army will only get bigger! Our NATION is at risk, along with the CITIZENS of this country! I set up a support group for AZ at azteamtanc@yahoo.com. Please email me if you live in Arizona!

James, Patrice says alot of wonderful things about you and all you are doing. I'm her sister! Keep the support coming!

This was another great interview this week. Tom was very firm and strong. He looked and sounded terrific in the little time he had. I loved his sense of humor and when he laughed, I laughed - he shouldn't hesitate to show this side of himself at every opportunity. It will only endear more of America to him.

Patrice, thanks for your comments on the interview. Finally, I sow it here on the video. Yes, I was right about how Rick Sanchez conducted the interview with Tom. Someone mentioned that it looks like Rick liked what Tom was saying. We liked what Tom was saying, not this politically biased person.

Regarding" Out in the open" Series based on illegal immigration and right to the american language hosted by Rick Sanchez, CNN, a Cuban Immigrant and his buddy Miguel Perez also a Cuban Immigrant. Im my opinion they did all they could to disrespect the U.S. Congressman and Presidential candidate, In full opposition to american law. Miguel Perez clearly stated,that because of the the Congressman;s view's on U.S. Law and our language,he would have to call his state a "RED" state.(Communism" so quoted by Mr. Perez!! APOLOGY to Tom Tancredo! a must.

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