01 August 2007 at 12:01 PM EST

Tancredo Floor Speech Regarding Ramos and Compean

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Dear Sir: I am very upset about the two BP still locked up for some political reason..I have lost most faith in the President I voted for..I highly esteem Congressman Trancredo for his honesty and courage to stand against the unthinkable acts against Americans that are trying to do their job.I watched Bay Buchanen recently and was impressed as she presented the truth that Tom also espouses..We need a Strong person like Tom now.

It appears President Bush is more interested in maintaining favorable relationships with the government of Mexico to advance globalism than upholding justice for American citizens who put their lives on the line to protect the sovereingty of the United States. Unjust prosecution and sentencing like this from the Justice Department will continue to weakend our border security. Illegals see border control agents as paper tigers. If I was a border control agent (aware of what Ramos and Compean are going through)who found mysef in a situation requiring me to discharge a firearm against an illegal I would be SURE to use LETHAL force. I am not advocating vigilantism by any means. However, I do believe illegal immigrants need to be treated by both the US and Mexican governments as criminals not victims.

What policy can the US adopt to speed up the legal immigration process for those who want to become a US citizen, learn the English language, assimulate into the US culture, and who are working to support their families, churches, and communities instead of relying on our abused-overloaded welfare system?

Do foundations or other organizations exist to aid law abiding immigrants to pay for legal fees required for them to become a citizen?

It appears that President Bush plans on winning one more election - "el Presidente de Mexico." India is building a fence along their border to keep out economic migrants - where is the outcry? We should enforce Mexican immigration laws in the USA against Mexican illegal immigrants. We could ask for nothing more. Mexico knows how to treat illegal immigrants and has no compunctions against deportation FROM Mexico. They only object to deportation BACK TO Mexico. The unmitigated gall of Mexican politicians objecting to our immigration laws is rivalled only by Mexican corrruption. Secure the Border Now.

I think most Americans aren't aware of the insane regulations placed on Border Patrol agents (by the current administration) which makes unjust convictions like these possible.

These would be regulations like: if a vehicle carrying drugs or illegals attempts to run an agent down and the agent jumps out of the way (to save his life) he can not then turn around and fire on the vehicle speeding way because "the threat has passed". That one is right up there with "an agent has to get permission from a superior in order to fire his weapon".

That's why we need a President who will make sure
common sense is the law of the land not political correctness.

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