21 August 2007 at 1:13 PM EST

Response to Inquiries

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There have been alot of questions regarding Tancredo's Take, and I wanted to make sure I address them.  As many of you are aware, we are going through a transition period with the Blog.  I am responsibile for a number of things with the campaign and unfortunately,  my schedule does not allow me to travel with the Congressman, with the exception of events like the debates and the Iowa Straw Poll.

However, your questions will be answered.  I encourage you to continue posting questions under Tancredo's Take, and I will get a response for you.  Please bear with me as it may take a bit longer than usual as we go through this transition period.

Thank you for your dedication! 

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I have not heard the stance of any candidate regarding the SECURITY PROSPERITY PARTNERSHIP of North America (SPP).
My question is: What is the stance of Tom Tancredo regarding the SPP and the way this was set up without the knowledge and/or vote of ordinary U.S. citizens?
Also in this time and age of Political Correctness, may I make a (respectfully) suggestion. "Tancredo for a Secure America" be changed to "Tancredo for a Secure United States"
Thank you for your time.

Good point, Ed. Did you sign the petition against the SPP?

Alan, Thank you for working so hard on this blog along with all the other stuff you also have to do. This shows me you are truley dedicated to helping Tom Tancredo.
Ed I like your suggestion of changing the logo to "Tancredo for a Secure United States"
Alan, I think someone has hacked this site again. I only got here through typepad. When I go to www.teamtancredo.com or .org I get a message that says can't find server. Continued prayers for Tom Tancredo, his family and all of his staff working on the campaign.

I have recently become interested in the Federal Reserve System and am curious to know what Mr. Tancredo's thoughts are and if he would consider rescinding the laws that put the system in place.

I live in "America" the beautiful...the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I am an American....and everyone in the world knows, that is the United States.

How much per capita have i paid into to katrina mess. It seems like we could have given them all new houses by now.

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