27 August 2007 at 9:54 AM EST

Radio Schedule 8/27

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Congressman Tancredo will be on the Mancow show this morning at 10:20 AM EST

Then Sandy Rios show at 4:20 PM EST

Listen: http://www.wyll.com/default.asp

Then Lars Larson at 6:20 PM EST

Listen: http://www.larslarson.com/

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Alan, if you would pass this on to Mr. Tancredo.

This of course is a Colorado company who seems to be proud in doing its part to sell out America.

Cadre Technologies Selected For Key Role In KC SmartPort’s Trade Data Exchange

Cadre Technologies announced a significant new subcontract with KC SmartPort, the country’s premier inland port solution. The lead contractor on the project selected Cadre to develop and maintain software to support SmartPort’s Trade Data Exchange (TDE), a secure Internet accessible portal that will be accessed and run by TDE members and service providers. The TDE tracking software will be modeled on Cadre’s LogiView system to enable anyone using it to have total supply chain visibility.

LogiView is a Web-based software solution that allows users to track and manage inventory levels and movements throughout a supply chain. The LogiView application is widely used and meets the demands of customers requiring real-time, easy access to information during all phases of the merchandise fulfillment process.

Railroads, boats and trucks all use different visibility tracking systems. Currently, anyone trying to track a shipment through the center of the country using more than one shipping method must sign into and monitor different systems. One of the goals of the TDE is to combine these shipping methods into one system. The TDE will also provide specific information about all aspects of the shipping phase. Members will be able to monitor who is handling the freight and at what time it passed from one shipper to another. A by-product of this efficiency and information availability is security, which is vital in the current business climate. The TDE is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2008.

Joe Caston, chief executive officer for Cadre Technologies, said, “We are honored to have been selected to work with KC SmartPort on this groundbreaking project. We are looking forward to hosting the software solution that will provide another layer of security while moving freight across our country. Once completed, the TDE will be a model for efficiency in shipping visibility and tracking, and will be a great way for companies to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.”

I had the opportunity to listen to Tom speak with Sandy Rios at WYLL about sanctuary cities and the role of our border patrol.

Thanks, Sandy, for mentioning the facts that Cambridge, Massachusetts was a sanctuary city under Romney's governorship and that NY City was a sanctuary city under Giuliani's mayorship. She also stated that Tom Tancredo is a "consistent and clear voice on immigration issues".

Her radio show referred to an article at worldnetdaily.com, which quotes Tom speaking out about Border Patrol agent Carrillo, from Laredo, Texas, who openly stated that the agency's job is NOT to stop illegal immigrants nor the flow of drugs at the border. That would be like me (a teacher) saying, "My job is not to teach all students, just a select few." Pure nonsense!

If we indeed have "biased" agents working our borders, there's definitely a conflict of interest there. And, as Tancredo stated, this entire problem (illegal immigration) clearly goes all the way to the top - our President! One more reason to build that fence! One more reason to elect Tom Tancredo!

One interview that didn't make the list was the Al Rantel Show, KABC 790 am at 7:10 p.m. PST. This one I actually was able to hear as I did last night's show with Terry Anderson. I'll catch Tom's other radio shows this weekend. Thank God for the internet and radio archives. And thank you so much Alan for posting as many interviews that you possibly can. It's very much appreciated. Please let Tom know we appreciate EVERYTHING HE IS DOING FOR US AND AMERICA AND THAT WE LOVE HIM!!


Sorry about that! I booked that interview last minute, not enough time!

Alan Moore

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