21 August 2007 at 2:22 PM EST

Sanctuary City Press Conference

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Make sure you listen to the reporter's questions throughout the presser.  Do you think they are asking fair or biased questions?  Post your thoughts, thanks!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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looks like we have a reporter with a pro-invader mentality.

The reporter asking the questions was trying to smear Tom Tancredo for pointing out the city did not call DHS or ICE.

The city officials have blood on their hands.

The MSM is blind to the fact that all Illegal Immigrants are criminals.The commit Identity theft using Valid SS cards to obtain employment which is a felony.

I am sick of the MSM aiding an abetting Illegal Immigration by ignoring the laws of this country.

There's Tancredo, once again, trying to right a blatant wrong in this country, by himself! The media is just as much to blame as the mayor, governor, police, ICE and those who are illegals themselves! LAWS must be followed by ALL! If we are a nation without laws, then we are no longer a nation!

Illegal aliens just hard working folks here to provide for their families...never mind they invaded the United States of America,stole social security numbers,attained fraudulent documents,lie, cheat,steal,so they can function in my country,steal resources, and my hard earned tax money, by taking welfare and subsidies that don't belong to them,using our roads,schools, jails, court system,hospitals-not to mention the murders,rapes,assaults,and robberies this group commits.
Other than all the crimes,deception,demanding "RIGHTS", taking of American jobs,and their initial invasion, they are one fine group!

Newark as well as the state of New Jersey have blood on their hands as well as all other santuary cities. What is the first thing that a police officer will do when stopping a vehicle--check the tags. What is the second thing he does--ask for your driver's license and insurance in order to check your driver's license number against outstanding warrants. If they can do this to CITIZENS of the country, why not illegals??? Why does Geraldo Rivera support illegal activity. He acts as if all illegals in this country are a god-send! Is it because he's hispanic???

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