24 August 2007 at 5:49 PM EST

O'Reilly Update

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The O'Reilly Factor interview was taped earlier today and the Congressman told me that it would be an event that you will not want to miss!

I will definitely be watching, I hope you tune in too!

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Alan - Tancredo supporters appreciate all of the latest news videos that are being posted here! Tom is definitely making himself visible! The truth will prevail! Please let us know how we can help Tom's efforts.

p.s. I call 1-202-456-1111 (White House comment line) every day and send the following message to our President: "Secure our borders now! Build the fence! Enforce the immigration laws! Withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities! Sanction ALL businesses that hire illegal immigrants! AND MOST IMPORTANT, show your loyalty to American citizens! American citizens are taking their country back!"

Tanc looked tired and had really bad makeup on (if any) during his interview with Michelle Malkin on O'Reilly. He stuttered a lot which is something that has bothered me about his speaking style for some time. Also, I watched him get "cut up" by leftist windbag Jerry Rivers on Hannity. Rivers pulled the old leftist trick of interrupting and talking/yelling over Tanc. As a result, Tanc looked defenseless. I've often wondered why Tanc simply won't go on the attack against the leftists, Communists and reconquistas (many of them one-in-the-same) and dish back what they're giving him. I love Tanc, but in order to step up, he needs to pull a John Edwards and start going after Romney and Benito. Voters want a fighter, not a stutterer. We want Tanc to "cream" the opposition! Perhaps now he'll take the gloves off...

Alan ~

Is this the only way we can contact you...through the Comments section??
I think if you could have a "Contact us" area on the homepage, it would be easier if we had an article or critical info for Tom!

Thanks! ~ Sharyn of LA

Rudy Giuliani: GOP Frontrunner…But For How Much Longer?

from article:

In her first public statement since her husband Pat was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, Marie Tillman said that the country needs "authentic leadership."

Tillman’s poignant plea, if heeded, would eliminate Giuliani and John McCain and most likely also exclude Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

Left are two Republicans who have generated enthusiasm among the cognoscenti on the Internet —where real opinions are reflected—and in straw polls. Their names: Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul.

America is angry. The latest Gallup Poll showed that only 18 percent of Americans are happy with Congress’ performance. That’s the perfect breeding ground for a huge political upset.

The choice is up to the Republican Party.

Nominate Giuliani and lose. Or nominate Tancredo or Paul and have a chance.



Mandatory deportation has illegals on the run
State law limiting benefits looms, an estimated 25,000 take to road

to levotb: I respectfully disagree with a few of your comments regarding Tom. I support Tom and joined his campaign not only because of his vision and his convictions on the important issues, but because he does not stoop to name-calling, mud-slinging, and negative campaigning. His t.v. ad in Iowa was awesome and showed Tom as a true statesman with character and strong morals!

I take it upon myself (a supporter) to get the truth (bashing) out regarding Romney and Giuliani and their flip-flops on the issues. I think Tancredo should focus on himself, his accomplishments and his mission - preserving the Union and our American heritage.

Just as I stated in the Tancredo Strafford County Straw poll speech on August 22nd. Appearances on public radio stations and cable channels are not going to get Tom Tancredo to the White House. Tom Tancredo is after all human like the rest of US! He HAS to be tired by now. I still say TEAM TANCREDO needs to step up its game. As I fill out my envelope for my $25.00 a month I send to "Tancredo for a secure America" I realize by this blog there must be others out there who can help. I would love to see Tom on Jay Leno or Dave Letterman. So all of you Tancredo supporters LETS GO !!

I have kept up with Tom Tancredo for about 7 years. He has always had the same speaking style...he speaks and the truth comes out.
Some folks may want to hear a smooth talking politician, that will promise you any thing for your vote, tell you half truths, that will lie to the masses through omission, and will broadcast bald faced lies.
Well you should be happy- you have at least 15 of these smooth talkers to choose from.
There is only one with a unique speaking style...that only promises, what he can deliver as president, has a record to back up everthing he talks about, and has fought in the house of representatives, for every American citizen- even the ungrateful ones, has been at times the only voice in government, fighting against illegal aliens that have invaded our great nation, and fighting the one North American Union crowd ,and fighting for the survival of western civilization, and a fair tax system.
This GREAT American should be tired, but as long as his Lord and Saviour gives him strength, he will continue to fight for the greatest country on earth....even the Americans that are ungrateful, and don't have a clue what a fighter is.

I thought Tom Tancredo looked great. I think he looks particularly good in dark colors.

As for the comments that illegal immigration isn't about race, I think that it actually is in some cases as I believe there are some Hispanic organizations and individuals who support illegal immigration because the majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic.

If these illegals were majority black, white or Asian, then these Hispanic groups would NOT be for illegal immigration. This is particularly true if the majority of illegals coming into the country were white illegals from Canada.

Good idea on Leno and Letterman. I had not thought of that. I do not stay up that late, but would to see Tom on the shows.

What we supporters need to do is contact those shows and tell them we want to see Tom.

As for 'stuttering'. He does not do that when you talk to him in person. I think there might be feed back in the ear piece or something like that when he is doing a camera interview.

Those people who 'cut Tom up', it says more about them than it does Tom for not responding in kind. It does prevent Tom from getting his message out. When this happens we need to contact the shows and complain. And complain to the sponsors of the show as well. I know a whole lot of people must have done this after the Geraldo circus, because FOX brought him right back for a one on one with Michelle Malkin. If you did raise heck with H&C and/or FNC, thank you! If you didn't this time jump on in there next time if there is one.

You can also start now to demand equal time for Tom (and the other lower tier candidates) in the September 5 debate on FOX


I don't think it does us any good to criticize Tom's appearance or any other candidates for that matter. We need to get beyond that level of immaturity and really listen to what he and the others are saying. If you have a problem with Tom's voice, put your remote on mute and you can read his lips and his words. After all, it is his very important words of wisdom that are what's most important here and it is our beloved country that's at stake. God Bless Tom and God Bless America.

you have my vote i appreciate the truth and dunken hunter are the ones who qualify. david glover

Just the fact that Tom isn't a "smooth talking" snake oil salesman is one of the reasons I like him, Whenever he does get a chance to speak , he speaks the truth and is in line with what America wants,

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