05 August 2007 at 11:35 AM EST

No Immigration Discussion

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Immigration wasn't even mentioned. Is ABC trying to hide something from GOP voters in Iowa? Such as how Tancredo conducts the immigration issue while the other candidates now act like his ensemble.

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Seemed to be a biases debate! They didn't refer to the candidates that aren't "1st tier" and let the others go idle. How can this be a fair debate if you can't give equal time to all the candidates. Seems as though money even rules the debates. A member of ALIPAC.US made an interesting observation. They thought that ABC is a Romney supporter! Could be true. Seems as though he got a lot of air time.

This "debate" was such a sham! My favorite line was when Giuliani said "the Democrats did not even mention the word 'Islamofascist'"

Hello, Mr. Mayor? Democrats are too "don't mention the word islamofascist" as to Giuliani is to "don't mention secure our borders and stop amnesty."

Thank you Tom for bringing up the rules of engagement in Iraq. After 3-4 yrs. of war and this subject is FINALLY being discussed. Let's start by pardoning all troops in prison based on the words by the Iraqis!

I felt just as I have felt all along that the media ignores Tom Tancredo. His few answers made sense and were solid. The others, McCain, Romney, Giuliani,etc.
After listeing to them I doubt that they could hold down full time jobs at Sears or Wal-Mart. With the exception of Duncan Hunter.

The issue of illegal immigration was definitely conspicuous by its absence. It is certainly a more relevant issue than the power of the Vice President, an issue that should be left to the general election debates. I was looking forward to hearing Tom call out John McCain for his recent change in position.

Again, as Tom has stated before, it wasn't really a debate, but he performed well and hopefully swayed some Iowa straw poll voters out there. Plus, I loved when Tom insisted Stephanopoulos give him time to answer a question that was only posed to the top tier.

Tancredo supporter in NJ.

Tom was brilliant when he finally got the chance to speak - thanks to his own efforts. He just needs to keep on doing what he's doing with his grassroots efforts because the MSM will continue to ignore his message. In any event, please let Tom know we love him and are behind him 1000%.

It was very obvious that ABC didn not want the immigration message on their network....
What a digrace that ole George kept returning to Ron Paul and his run and surrender message. George finally had a question for the Tanc, when Tom called him out.

Hey all you Tancredo supporters, go to ABCnews.com/politics and post a comment how unfair the debate was handled!!!

I feel that every candidate, not just a select few, should have had a turn to answer each question and there should have been a time limit for each of them to answer.Then it would have been a real debate. And immigration, which is currently one of the hottest issues in Iowa, wasn't even mentioned. When Tom Tancredo did finally have the chance to speak, he was brilliant like he always is. And I have friends that attended the debate that said Mr. Tancredo kept raising his hand to speak (Tom was out of camera range most of the debate so we at home didn't notice this) but was ignored by George S.
This debate was managed so poorly by George S. and ABC. Most worthless debate I have ever watched. I'm embarrassed for ABC.
Go Tom. I'll be at the straw poll voting for you! And thanks, Tom, for bringing the immigration issue to the forefront. You have alot of support out here and we all believe in you!

It is refreshing to see new bloggers supporting Tancredo from around the country! I was able to spend six weeks in Iowa recently and I followed the Tanc's campaign trail closely - town hall meetings, parades, radio talk shows, etc. The more I listen to Tom, the more I like his message. I became a member of Tom's NO AMNESTY team months ago because of his tough stance on immigration. After meeting Tom and listening to his views on other important issues, my support for him continues to get stronger! His message is having an impact on American citizens. I was shocked when my family members switched from being Democrats to fully supporting Tancredo. Tom Tancredo is genuine and sincere when it comes to saving our nation's sovereignty and taking steps to end the invasion of illegals into our country!

In fact, just yesterday, police in Mesa, AZ raided a "shoe" store (with a Spanish name) and arrested the owners for selling crack cocaine to their customers instead of shoes. This type of activity is coming your way, small towns in Iowa.

Are you disgusted when you hear, "For English, press one; for Spanish, press two"??? This should NOT be happening in the United States of America! Make your voices heard! Support Tom Tancredo!

Ignoring the immigration issue and talking about what role the candidates see for the Vice President!?! The house is on fire and they're arguing about what color wallpaper to put in the kitchen!!

I can't believe one of the most important issues, if not THE most important issue facing us, was ignored in this so-called debate!!

The media wants us to believe that someone from the so-called top tier will win, probably hoping we'll all follow suit and vote for one of them. It's a mind game. I hope Tom blows them all out of the water!! I only wish I could donate more money to his campaign so he can reach more people. The media is so unfair it's ridiculous!

I am so disgusted at this so called debate. They almost totally ignored Tancredo and Hunter who both were placed on the ends and out of camera view. What a shame. Tancredo keep fighting for the right to be heard. You were great. I only hope you will keep your campaign ads positive as you did in your tv ads during your re-election campaign for House Rep. It was refreshing to see such positive ads and I greatly admired you for them. Maybe it would be a good idea after all to break up the debates into "tier" groups as Hillary and Edwards secretly suggested. Maybe then the other candidates would get some equal air time to get their message out. Come on guys (liberal moderators)lets be fair and let each candidate have equal time to answer the questions and be heard. WE the People have the right to hear their message and decide for ourselves who we want as our President. I dont't want the media deciding for me. As far as I'm concerned I've had all the debating I need, I'm ready to vote right now...for Mr. Tancredo; my next President. GOOD LUCK in the Iowa Straw Poll.

It also seems to me that ABC was biased in this debate. They should have talked about the immigration issue. I also wish we could afford to donate more money to Tom's campaign. Just think if all the millinons of dollars that the candidates raised could be put toward paying off the national debt. If the networks would donate air time for the debates wouldn't that be a good thing.

I guess that is the kind of debate you can expect from a Clinton staffer turned news correspondant for the MSM. I've met Congressman Tancredo and believe in his message of hope for our future. Illegal immigration is the most pressing issue facing our nation today and touches on every other. Healthcare? 40,000,000 people in our country have no insurance. Remove 20,000,000 illegal aliens and the problem is cut in half. National security? How secure can we be with 3,000 to 8,000 entering our country ILLEGALLY every day. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but that debate was so biased ABC should feel shame. I will be in AMes this Saturday to cast my vote for the only candidate that makes sense. Congressman Tom Tancredo.

I was very disappointed in the "debate". It was obvious that Congressman Tancredo was being avoided at all costs.

I live in Tom's 6th Congressional District here in Colorado, and it has been a blessing having him as my Congressman. Tom is not just a politician but a true statesman, something that is so lacking in Washington today. Though I would hate to lose him as my Congressman if he became President, I realize that our country needs someone like him to instill hope for Americans.

God Bless America & Tom Tancredo

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