08 August 2007 at 9:01 PM EST

Less Than 72 Hours!

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The 2007 Iowa Straw Poll countdown starts now.

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GOOD LUCK, Mr. Tancredo in the Iowa Straw Poll. You will be in my prayers. THANK YOU, for all you are doing for the future of AMERICA; THANK YOU to your family for sharing you with WE the PEOPLE. May God bless you and your family.

Mr. Tom Tancredo:

We thank you for not coming to Miami for the "Spanish" debate, it's the most stupid thing we have ever heard. That somebody who is running for President of the United States wants to give a debate in another language other than English. The Spanish television stations, who are owned by Mexicans, are going to do that, and it's to speak about the illegal aliens, who do not speak English, and have no votes. The Cuban-American community are very upset and angered, because they are coming to do that, precisely where there are more Cubans, and we, do have votes. Thank you for fighting for what we want, to clean up our country from so much garbage.

Verenice and Marina Rodriguez


A friend of mine was getting a physical at the veteran’s hospital in Des Moines Iowa. The nurse helping stated that she works part time for an ambulance service. She responded to a van accident only to find that the driver lost control and the van rolled over and over throwing illegal immigrants out. She asked the driver how many were in the van and all he would says was I don’t know. She saw a child seat in the van and asked if there was a child and once again the answer was I don’t know. A search was started and a two to three year old was found critically injured by a tree. The child died while they were trying to save it. Of course the nurse was very upset and angry and she grabbed the driver and shouted at him. She shouted that they may have saved the child if he let her know that indeed there was a child. They would have treated the injuries sooner and life flighted the child to a hospital and maybe saved the life. As she turned to leave the driver spit on her. She turned and backhanded him as hard as she could. NOW GET THIS, two police officers stepped in and told her she could not do that. Evidently it is okay for an illegal to spit on you but you had better not retaliate. On top of that there had to be a special meeting about the incident. She told them she would not apologize. GOOD FOR HER. She did not lose the job I understand.



Will there be any national TV coverage of the Straw Poll?

Ok Iowans, it's crunch time. Make sure you have called all your friends and family to get to the straw poll Sat. Every vote is so critical to the future of our country. Please.

Last night, I had the great honor to walk in the Iowa state fair parade with Tom Tancredo and his Army against Amnesty. I have to admit I have been away from Iowa for 20 years and just moved here recently. I honestly felt like the minority walking in the parade. I was shocked by the huge number of parade watchers and participants who were hispanics.....granted, they could be legal but who REALLY knows? I was thinking as we were being glared at by the ongoers or heads turning as we walked by, Tom should have secret service around him. Initially we were told to keep a distance from Tom so people would know who he is. So a group of us surrounded him as we wanted to make sure he was protected.
Everywhere I go in small town to big cities in Iowa, I am shocked by the evergrowing population of illegals. Many people I talk to about the illegal problem tell me, "they are not bothering me" or "it's not a problem here like it is in California, Texas and Arizona." HA! This is getting scary, folks, as these aliens are slithering into our great communities across the country one by one, intimidating the "legal" citizens and taking over our towns. It's chilling that our country is ignoring this problem by not enforcing the laws that were put in place to protect us. America is being invaded. I've seen it firsthand just following Tancredo's campaign across Iowa. I am dumbfounded that more people aren't as concerned about this issue as I am.
Tom Tancredo has the guts to stand up to illegal immigrants. Tom didn't want to ride in the corvette in the parade last night that his supporters had brought for him. He wanted to be walking in the front of the "army" because he is NOT intimidated by the illegals and he wanted to shake hands. Tom was the ONLY Presidential candidate present at the fair parade last night. Tom will STAND up for our country and he will fight to take our country back.
Vote Tom Tancredo for President at the Iowa Straw Poll.

General Tom Tancredo....

Leads his army against amnesty! Tom sure is a rare breed, a man, a citizen, a represenative, a politician, a Great American!

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