09 August 2007 at 7:56 PM EST

Illegal Immigration Not An Issue?

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Illegal immigration flares as hot as a scorching Iowa summer day.

The issue -- I mean, the ISSUES ASSOCIATED with illegal immigration, such as its hit on education, healthcare, and culture, have made Americans furious. Why else would Romney come out with a radio and television ad right before the straw poll on immigration? And then attack on that issue:

In one of the strongest conflicts yet between Republican presidential front-runners, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attacked rival Rudy Giuliani Wednesday, implying that Giuliani supported illegal immigration when he was mayor of New York.

Because immigration is hot. And so is Tancredo.

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Why would anyone believe that Giuliani is tough on illegal immigration when, as New York City mayor, he declared it a SANCTUARY city for illegals! In addition, Giuliani's law firm is chief legal counsel for Cintra, the Spanish firm that has been granted the right to operate a toll road called the NAFTA Superhighway. Go Tanc!

All you Tanc supporters and bloggers, WE ARE GOING TO SEND SHOCK WAVES TO AMERICA SATURDAY! Our war has just begun.....

The Tanc will be rolling into Ames on Saturday with his Army behind him strong and bold. We will win this war against amnesty!

I believe in you, Tom Tancredo, and together, with all of your ARMY of supporters, WE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!


See everyone at the straw poll!

This family supports you and your views on border security, illegal immigration, SCAMNESTY, and trade. Thank you, Tom Tancredo, for awakening the masses! This is only the beginning of reaffirming America's greatness and strength! American taxpayers and citizens are tired of being ignored and "outsourced". You are our hero, Tom. Constitutional rights, liberties and freedoms will return to all American citizens because of your commitment and courage! Thank you! God bless you and God bless America!

OH! how I wish I could be in Iowa on Saturday. GO! TANCREDO GO!

Tom,I've been a diehard supporter from day one and agree with all that you stand for.America needs you now.You are the only candidate that has held true to your beliefs and never wavered.I can only pray that Iowans going to the Straw Poll can see what I can see all the way from Massachusetts.I wish I could be an Iowa resident for one day to help catapult you to the Top Tier.I wish you the best at the Straw Poll and will continue to support you regardless of the outcome.Keep up the fight.

Best of Luck
Angelo Calcagno

Praying for you, Tom, from Washington State! I do hope that Carole from Luther is right! What a miracle that will be, the sleeping giant awakens!

Tom Tancredo is truly what our forefathers were thinking of when they established the presidency. He is truthfull, hard working, and true to the constitution. No other candidate has his track record of consistent representation of his constituents. If Tancredo is not on the ticket in 2008 I would say that there is a conspiracy in the works!

It is now being reported that the suspect in the executuion-style murders of 3 college students in Newark, NJ is an illegal immigrant. The suspect was arrested in October of 06 for a bar fight and indicted on rape charges a few months later. ICE was never notified and he was out on bail when he allegedly committed this latest heinous crime. Forget sanctuary city, I live in a sanctuary state!

Tom, please make mention of this latest news in your straw poll speech. Demand the other candidates to detail their policies on deporting criminal illegal aliens and ending sanctuary cities.

Good luck in the Iowa Straw Poll and God Bless You.

Tancredo supporter in NJ

Congressman, you have run a courageous and spirited campaign in Iowa. I am proud to have supported you both financially and intellectually. You have already made a difference.

Our State of Georgia is being overun by illegal aliens. They walk through our neighborhoods, they congregate en mass in homes next to us. We have no idea who they are or where they come from. They come and go in the middle of the night when we are all asleep. They are not neighbors, they are a silent invasion.

Crime and gang activity in Gwinnett County, GA is rampant. We hear gunshots in the distance almost every night. I would like to personally invite Our President George Bush, Laura and their girls to come and live with us here in Lawrenceville, GA for a month or so and then tell me he still wants to put 12-20 million of these people on a path to citizenship.

As soon as the Iowa Straw Poll is behind you please come to Georgia. You have many supporters here.

God bless you and good luck tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the straw poll. Let our voices and our vote
be heard all over this nation. Let it be known that Tom
is the man that can and will stop this illegal invasion.
Tom you are the man to lead the world's finest army.
We support you, and we are marching to Ames to vote
YES for change, YES for taking this country back, and YES for the man that will do it. We support you Tom, and we stand beside you. May your ballot box overflow
with YES votes. YOU ARE THE MAN! See you in Ames!

As a teacher in a public school in a state I'll decline to mention, I am well aware of the strain illegal immigration puts on our nation's systems! I won't mention names because I could lose my job over this, but our state superintendent of schools was recently a guest on Lou Dobbs and he admitted that educating children of illegal immigrants has cost this state $700,000,000! These are students who LEGALLY should NOT be in this country, receiving a FREE education (to them). And thanks to President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, which students receive the majority of the teacher's time and energy due to low skills??? You guessed it! American students and their educational needs are NOT the priority with the NCLB Act.

I wish you well in your run, Tom, and I wish I could vote in Iowa's straw poll! Good luck!

Tom, please get elected President and get the border fence constructed ASAP. By doing so, the illegal immigrants and their sponsors will have no bargaining strength to continue to break U.S. border and immigration law. When they are deported, they can no longer get back in. It's that simple. Their strengh, power, and numbers exist due to the open border. Don't let any open border advocate try to discredit the idea of building a tall, robust fence along the entire US - Mexican border. It can very easily be done and it would solve most of the illegal immigrant problem. It is unfortunate that the fence has to be built, but it is necessary because our neighbors down South have not been respectful of U.S. law and sovereignty. Keep up the good work, Tom. God Bless you.

My sister Carole just called from Ames, Iowa, where she is helping team Tancredo set up for tomorrow's straw poll. She sounded a bit concerned that Romney has signs EVERYWHERE and is very visible - It's a sad fact that money speaks so loudly in this great nation! Anyway, I reminded my sister that signs and pretty smiles don't really matter in this straw poll, nor in team Tancredo's cause. Instead, we have to stay focused on SUBSTANCE, ISSUES and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS! This straw poll is only another small step for Tom Tancredo's mission to save our nation! American citizens and other politicians are hearing Tom's message and they're finally paying attention to what's happening to our country! Tancredo's support is growing and it will only continue to escalate! God bless Tom, his family, and the U.S.A. p.s. God bless Mike Tate, too.

Tom's Immigration Issue and campaign are being felt all over America! Today the President just announced he will try to enforce existing laws by going after more employers. We won again. If Iowans are paying attention,this will add to Tom's support in the Straw Poll. Let's win!

Tireless Mike. Daily pictures and image-making have improved. Your fantastic dedication is greatly appreciated by Tom's fans.

General Tom Tancredo....

Will lead his army to the straw poll. With strength from our Lord and Savior, America can have this great patriot, as our commander and chief.

Best of Luck to you Tom, Wish I could help out in the straw poll. Not an Iowan :( You are in my prayers and keep the strength up

I recently have been researching the history of the Texas Rangers. Organized as an army to protect us from invaders. All should google TEXAS RANGERS and take a history lesson. Remember the Alamo????? THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME MEXICO HAS INVADED. And it probably won't be the last. WE FOUGHT BACK THE FIRST INVASION AND WE THE PEOPLE CAN FIGHT BACK THIS ONE TOO. BUILD THE FENCE AND THEY WON'T COME. cLEAN UP OUR BACK YARD AND MEXICO DO THE SAME. wE ARE LAW ABIDDING, PEACEFULL PEOPLE. KICK THE INVADERS OUT. GOD IS BEHIND YOU TOM

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