05 August 2007 at 9:30 AM EST

Healthcare in America

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Tancredo was just asked a question on healthcare. It's not the resonsibility of the federal government to provide 'womb to tomb' healthcare for America, says Tancredo.

Plus, the 12-20 million illegal aliens are a huge burden on our healthcare system. Listen to that crowd cheer when he declares that.

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Mr. Tancredo,
As a medical resident, and an individual frequently on call to help manage the inordinate number of illegal immigrants that frequent the ED of our Level 1 Trauma center, I wholeheartedly aggree that the resources utilized to care for these individuals who do not pay is effectively draining our healthcare system of valuable resources to care for our law-abiding, tax paying citizens. I am no stranger to the GSW, assault, or stab wound that comes to our ED and gets a full scale work-up including head CT, neck CT, chest/abdomen/pelvis CT, IVs, medicines, and consults and ends up on a Trauma service in the ICU when upon discharge is never to be found again leaving several hundred thousand dollars worth of unpaid bills to the taxpayers supporting these healthcare institutions. That's several thousand dollars less towards cancer research, needed medications, and hospital improvements to better your healthcare.

Something must be done before we bankrupt and cripple the most advanced medical care system in the world and drive away some of our best and brighest from entering the field of medicine.

You are so right Tom and THANKS....
The crowd was screaming in approval, and so was I.
I want the government to get out of my business....government can't even run their own business. Shrink government just like you did, working with the Reagan administration.

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