08 August 2007 at 5:34 PM EST

Bill Salier on the ABC 'This Week' Debate

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Bill Salier heads our campaign operation in Iowa. I was next to him in the spin room when this was filmed.

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Bill Salier is a brilliant man. I've been to several Tancredo events throughout Iowa and when this man speaks, the audience listens. Tom is very fortunate to have Bill as his campaign manager. Thanks, Bill, for getting Iowans onboard with Tom Tancredo.

The question is whom do we blame for the horrible mess this immigration invasion has caused. I blame individuals and businesses, both large and small, for hiring the illegal immigrant. I blame our elected officials for not sincerely protecting our borders as they swear to do. “The majority “appear” to be paying “lip service” to this while they “warm a seat”. I blame the unions for excessive demands, forcing businesses to look for cheaper labor. I blame each citizen for putting up with the situation, making it appear that our heads are in the sand, while we wait for “someone else” (including government) to do something about it,

Greed is the primary cause of this invasion. Businesses want more and more profits and at the same time unions demanded more and more in benefits and salaries to justify their existence. It got to the point where American labor was earning more than some health providers even though labor had less training, education and skills in some cases. Big business decided to turn to slave labor via illegal immigrants. The decision has resulted in we, the people, subsidizing businesses via our taxes. Because of the very low wages we are forced to pay for social services, which should be the responsibility of business. Several small contractors have told me that they knowingly hire one or two illegal immigrants because the low wages they pay makes them competitive. What they do not realize is that by doing so the taxpayer is forced to subsidize them as well. We should be protesting in front of businesses that hire illegal immigrants but we are too busy working to pay the taxes that help support the illegal.We have a broken government influenced too much by big business. Instead of statesmen we have politicians who do not have the welfare or desires of the majority as their driving force. In reality we hire them via our voting process so they should be working for us. Instead they do not protect our borders as they swear to do. They further lavish benefits on those who have broken our laws to come here. Diversity is good for our country if it is controlled diversity but our government is allowing uncontrolled diversity, which causes little blending into the American way. The government fails to adequately punish businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The government fails to make English the official language. The government fails to build the border fence. It is easier to just state that the government fails in every way when it comes to illegal immigration. Some of us contribute funds to organizations that try to force the government to do the job we hired them to do in the first place. I have donated to the minuteman fence-building project, the org. trying to get English as our country’s language, Americans for immigration control and many other organizations that try to get government to do what is right. If they would just do their job it would not be necessary.

As far as unions are concerned, they overstepped their purpose. Unions were badly needed in the past and did well for thousands of workers including my father. Once wages were reasonable and working conditions were improved what was left for the unions? I believe they needed to justify their existence so pressed for more and more and refused to reach reasonable agreements with business. In the end I believe they hurt American labor.

That's why I support Tom Tancredo and I will be there Sat. to vote for him in the straw poll.

Most of the public simply does not care about illegal immigration as long as it does not affect our routine daily life. Sure we complain about it but few take steps to force our government to do the job we hired them to do. The stupidity of the ACLU and pro illegal immigration groups are helping to destroy our way of life and standard of living that our ancestors worked so hard to bring about. They say Americans will not do the work and they are right in that Americans will not do it for starvation wages. As far as Americans doing stoop labor just change our welfare laws so if you can work you will work or starve. What will you tell your grandchildren and great grandchildren when we become a third world country? Will you tell them you didn’t think it was any of your business? It is past time to wake up so here are some facts that show the effect illegal immigration is having on us. Since 9/11 45,000 Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants. That is thousands more than those killed in the 9/11 disasters. It is thousands more than our military killed in Iraq. To put it in perspective enough Americans were killed by illegal immigrants to populate my town over six times. Are you getting the picture? Several years ago an illegal tried to contract a hit man to murder one of our police officers. About the same time a woman was molested in one of our parks. Recently one woman was molested in her home and another on the street. The quaint small town America is vanishing due to the culture of these people. Several families live in one home so 5 to 8 cars are parked in the yard and on the street. Many times parking on both sides so one can barely get through. Latino small children play in these streets. A typical American home was purchased and immediately painted bright pink with red trim. A friend had surgery so could not respond when she saw the Latino woman from across the street dig flowers from her flower garden and plant them in her own flower garden. The school system has had major problems due to the many non-English speaking students. I could go on and on but hopefully this will wake up a few folks. Amnesty would further devastate our nation.

It is a fact that democracies throughout history last only about two hundred years. One of the last stages is apathy of the people.

I am supporting Tom Tancredo for President because he has the guts to stand up to the illegal immigration problem.

As of right now I do not wish for grandchildren and that is a bad way of thinking. It is not a good world in which we live in. If things continue the way they are going what kind of future will there be for my grandchildren. Tom Tancredo gives me hope that one day there will be a bright future for the grandchildren that I do hope to one day have. Please!! every AMERICAN who loves this country should be there to support Tom Tancredo. I want my country back. I want hope restored and a future for my family. I WANT TOM TANCREDO FOR MY NEXT PRESIDENT. GO! TANCREDO GO!

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