30 July 2007 at 12:10 AM EST

When Illegal Aliens Have No Jobs -- They Leave

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There you have it, folks:

The 51-year-old Brazilian man came with plans to stay here for up to six years to save enough money to buy a house in Brazil, two cars for his daughters and secure a life back home.

But after three years of calling Framingham home, the man has decided to go back to Brazil with only part of his dreams fulfilled mainly because, he said, living as an illegal immigrant doesn't pay off anymore.

Just as Tancredo constantly says in town hall meetings across Iowa.
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Perhaps this Brazilian guy shouldn't give up so easily. I hear there's lots of opportunities with no hassles in New Haven, Conn.

The reason's that they are leaving if you read the article are that the currency exchange rates are getting worse due to George Bush's free trade agreements and debt. OUr currency will collapse to the point that the Peso will be more valuable then our currency. Then we will be scaling over the fense to obtain a restaurant job in Mexico.

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