31 July 2007 at 3:00 PM EST

Town Hall Meeting in Creston

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Tancredo dazzled the crowd during lunch at the Pizza Ranch in Creston this afternoon. A few people told me that they are now Tancredo supporters after hearing The Tanc's platform.

Tancredo in Creston 1

Tancredo in Creston 2

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How can anyone NOT be a TANC supporter after listening to his message? He's the only candidate that I trust and support.

Iowans are finally starting to GET IT! They are realizing that illegal immigration is not just a southern (border) state issue. It's right here in Iowa, folks. I see it first hand where my parents live in small town Iowa (110 people) and neighboring towns! I don't feel safe anymore.

Tom has brought the illegal alien issue to the forefront of Iowa and I thank him for doing this. Our country is being invaded and it's only going to get worse if we don't have a leader like Tom Tancredo who has the guts to stand up for our country. Any person that turns their head and says, it's not my problem, well guess what? It is your problem, it is all of our problem. We need to stand up and fight to get our country back or before you know it, we will be the minority. Is that what you want for your kids and grandkids? That's reality,folks.

Vote Tom Tancredo08 in the straw poll Aug. 11

All your newly posted pictures look great! Many heads are turned toward speaker Tom, and this shows he is really getting their attention. There is always a slight problem with those not facing the speaker. This can be changed by encouraging people to turn their chairs somewhat.
Voters might like to see crowds reacting. How about video with sound to capture spontaneous small crowd interactions? Highly recommended, a small tripod would stabilize your dig-cam best. More than that, you can tilt and swivel easily without attracting crowd attention. You want this, so your crowds will be spontaneous and not look like directed participants.
The ovations would make great brief footage for ads, or for online viewers. "Show, not tell," RULES movie making. It's not just a cute saying. Another key principle that applies to movie making is called "enter late, exit early". For example in your case, what you want to film is basically defined by three steps. Question. Answer. Crowd reaction.
An inexperienced movie maker might show all three. A more confident movie maker though could make a rally scene work by omitting the question step. By entering late, he would start with the answer, then add crowd reaction. This presumes of course that the answer is not just yes or no. One of Tom's best assets is that he answers questions like a teacher who really has to get his points across. This is very effective!
Ever notice how broadcasters ask brief, to the point questions? This is to showcase what their audiences really want to see, action from the one being interviewed. This is, of course, also what you want people to see. Everyone wants to know the candidate's positions.
Ames is a college town. Describing the influx of illegals as "The Dropouts Invasion" might work well there. Liberals often sell education as the answer to everything. How can they continue to sponsor "Dropout Invaders" with Amnesty?
If actions count more than words, grownups with average 6th grade credentials, must be the least pro-education people in the hemisphere. And so I think that "The Dropout Invasion" is the most embarrassing way to shock the liberal opposition. Independent voters will see things more clearly too. With this phrase, it becomes apparent that we are being taken advantage of. While you can explain this to the electorate directly, voters may not like it. They may discard logic and emotionally react against a position they would like to support. Note how this very thing was played out recently.
This week, Hillary put on her commander-in-chief hat and tried to flay Obama. A really hot new national poll says she lost big time, with only 22% support. But hey, she's only been campaigning since 1992. What happened? Are people tired of her 15 year old campaign? One thing's for sure, she didn't mess up on purpose.
It would be very useful to know how straw-vote supporters react to the phrase "Dropout Invasion". One could seek wisdom from crowds by asking... what do you think the phrase "Dropout Invasion" means? What does it imply? How did it happen? Why didn't we see it coming? What can we do about it? How can we teach "Dropout Invaders" English, if they failed to learn their native basic Spanish in middle or primary grades?
History is on our side, she is a powerful ally, and wrongdoers fear her. Promote "the domestic tranquility." Laws on the books can win for us, and more and more people are saying this.
Keep up the good work!

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