24 July 2007 at 12:56 PM EST

Today's LOW IQ: John Kerry

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"[W]e need an earned-legalization program for people who have been here for a long time, stayed out of trouble, got a job, paid their taxes, and their kids are American. We got to start moving them toward full citizenship, out of the shadows."

-- Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, Third Bush-Kerry Debate, 13 October 2004

(note: thanks to blog reader James for recommending that I write it as HIGH IQ or LOW IQ so people know the amnesty politicians from the against amnesty ones.)

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I just updated all the previous IQ's with HIGH or LOW noted. I put Genius IQ in front of Tancredo's IQ.

- mike tate

Yeah! :-) Good job! :-) This will, I think, make it more interesting and easier to follow for some new folks. :-)

I think Mayor John DeStefano from New Haven, CT (my state!) qualifies for a "Today's LOW IQ." Maybe you can post that tomorrow.

Here's his quote from the article:

"The simple straightforward purpose here is to build a stronger community," Mayor John DeStefano said Monday. "You can't police a community of people who won't talk to our cops."

Here's the article:


Maybe they don't talk to your cops, Mayor, because their...ummm...ILLEGAL immigrants! Round them up and ship them back!

Kerry and Kennedy are not alone.
Presenting: Immigration Group IQ as evidenced by low grades.

Immigration Report Cards for Massachusetts delegations to the U.S. Congress.
The average is D-. (About that of a typical illegal alien school dropout.)
In effect, each person is graded for 9 course-like categories.

They are...
3 Reduce Unnecessary FOREIGN WORKERS
4 Visas: Reduce REFUGEE & ASYLUM
5 Fraud: Reduce Enticement AMNESTIES for Illegal Immigration
6 Reduce Illegal Immigration ANCHOR BABY CITIZENSHIP
7 Reduce OTHER REWARDS Illegal Immigration
8 Reduce Illegal Immigration BORDER CONTROL
9 Reduce Illegal Immigration INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT

An F grade earned means the person failed every course, so to speak!
The data below resembles a photo finish, folks.
Note the neck and neck race between Kennedy and Kerry.

Actual Immigration Grade Cards
Kennedy, Edward Senator F
Kerry, John Senator D-

Name, Congressional District number, and Grade
Capuano, Michael 8 D
Delahunt, Bill 10 D-
Frank, Barney 4 D
Lynch, Stephen 9 D
Markey, Edward 7 D
McGovern, Jim 3 F
Neal, Richard 2 D-
Olver, John 1 D-
Tierney, John 6 D

"Leading the Fight Against Amnesty," Tom is the top politician in Colorado. Smart groups need to work on more anti-alien laws for towns and cities.

Source. Americans for Better Immigration web site.

There's that "Out of the Shadows" garbage once again. If the illegals had to truly live their lives IN the shadows there would be a whole lot less of them -- something Mr. Kerry doesn't want because he recognizes that the illegals and their offspring are future liberal democratic voters. Call me crazy, but I want lawbreakers, rogues, and thugs to operate IN the shadows; not out in the open operating freely and legally with approval from the state.

This idea that many of the illegals are stalwart "citizens" other than the imminently forgivable act of violating our borders is equally ridiculous. In order for the illegals to live and work in our country it necessitates the following felonious and/or illegal behavior: document fraud, tax fraud, and Social Security fraud -- things that would land you and I in jail. I consider their presence here to be nothing short of downright theft -- theft of our heritage, theft of our singular language, theft of our resources, theft of our taxes, theft of otherwise higher wages. Their theivery is not done with bullets and arrows but rather through the force of our own federal government that has abdicated its responsiblity to protect us from invasion and secure our borders and compelled citizens to pay for their costs and accept their burdens.

And now elected representatives such as John Kerry want to reward this lawlessness and thievery with legal title to their ill gotten gain just because they haven't murdered anyone and they've figured out how to download an anchor baby or seven. Boy, am I sure glad that this amnesty apologist didn't gain the keys to the White House. Oh wait a second... the guy who did win the keys isn't any better on the issue. Proof positive that we need a President from outside of the country club of both parties -- someone like Congressman Tancredo!

What have WE THE PEOPLE done that has made our President and Congressmen--who were elected by WE THE PEOPLE--sell us out. Maybe if they had to punch a time clock like the rest of us and wait years for a decent raise, maybe, just maybe they would actually do the bidding of WE THE PEOPLE. It is really sad that only a few in Washington, like Tom Tancredo and Mr. Sessions are listening to WE THE PEOPLE. I just wish there were more like them and I want to say THANK YOU to both for standing up for WE THE PEOPLE.

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