23 July 2007 at 12:31 PM EST

Today's LOW IQ: Tom Harkin

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"Only when we bring the 12 million illegal workers out of the shadows and into the legal system will both industry and employees benefit."

-- Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, http://harkin.senate.gov, 19 December 2006

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Correction Senator Harkin, "bringing the 12 million (more like 20 million) out of the shadows" (AKA amnesty) will benefit only LAW BREAKING industries and LAW BREAKING illegals. Everyone else is irrevocably harmed. By simply declaring that and those which used to be illegal to now be legal you do not change in any way the harmful effects of that previous illegality -- if anything you encourage more of the same.

Please tell me how a legal worker at the factory benefits from his illegal alien coworker suddenly becoming legal. How does a business that dutifully verified the legal status of its employees become richer because their competitor and its illegal employees that flaunted the law are given amnesty?

Sen Harkin, it is time that the people of Iowa bring you out of the shadows and into retirement!

Senator Harkin is an overall D student when it comes to immigration. Ted K gets an F. Tom is an A student!
This information comes from an awesome web site rating all Congressmen and Senators. I was shocked by some of the ratings of many well known people. You can check on anybody there.
The site is Americans for Better Immigration. They issue Immigration Report Cards. Access by state lists regional differences. OK gets the highest grades.

Shadows- what is this idiot talking about....500,000 in the streets of LA demanding rights.
Hundreds of thousands in Chicago ,Atlanta, Charlotte,and cities all over this country screaming in the streets demanding amnesty while carrying the Mexican flag and dragging OLD GlORY on the road.
Harkin, Kennedy, MCcain, Lindsey Graham, Bush and all the other sellouts have found no lie that they want tell. The only shadow is the one inside their heads from drinking theirselves into a stupor.

I am not getting these IQ statements. I can't figure out if the quotes are something Mr. Tate agrees with or not. I am guessing he is posting views in favor and opposition? It isn't clear because their's no comment or rebuttal to the opposition statements.


I could point out AMNESTY politicians or AGAINT AMNESTY politicians, but I'm not. I think you can figure it out. The goal is to show a quote that shows each Senators views on the immigration issue.

- mike tate

Maybe it would be good to link up to the goal in each IQ, so that newcomers have a clue about what you are doing. It took a few IQ posts for me to figure out that you were posting both sides. Maybe another idea? How about HIGH IQ and LOW IQ posts. :-) :-)


Great idea!

- mike tate

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