31 July 2007 at 1:11 AM EST

Today's High IQ: Richard Burr

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"I cannot as a U.S. senator vote to grant blanket amnesty to those who have broken the law to live in our country."

-- North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, The News & Observer, 29 May 2006

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Why didn't Senator Burr issue this statement EARLIER? He was one of those GOP senators standing there with his moistened finger in the air trying to figure which way the political winds were blowing. Unlike his counterpart Sen. Dole who came out early against the Senate amnesty bill, Sen. Burr didn't decide that blanket amnesty was a bad thing until the very end after hearing the overwhelming disapproval from his constitutents. Check out Senator Burr's votes and you will see that he was a very late convert to the right side. He still very much supports a Guest Worker Plan that will merely work as a fradulent conduit to further illegal "immigration" and anchor babies.

That's not good enough for this North Carolina resident. I want a Senator such as DeMint, Coburn, Sessions, or Dole that didn't need to hear any other details other than the amnesty part to know that no amount of brokering, compromise, or consultation could make this bill acceptable -- a Senator that was willing to lead the charge against this treason against the American people rather than sitting on the sidelines trying to guage his constitutents concerns versus his campaign contributers demands.

Sorry, but I just don't feel confident that the next time some "comprehensive" immigration plan is floated that Sen. Burr will vote the right way. I don't want to suffer buyers remorse like the good citizens of Arizona must feel with their turncoat Sen. Kyl.

Here in NC we rallied everyone we could think of to call Senator Burr and plead he not support the Amnesty bill. You might be interested to know that Burr also sent a letter out stating that he supports John "Amnesty" McCain for President. That should tell it all. Wonder who his second pick is?

Good ole Senator Burr can't vote to give "blanket Amnesty" but he sure doesn't have a problem voting for "guest worker" you know the invaders come in as a guest and stay for the rest of their lives...living off of the American tax payer.

Check his record on cloture. I called his office numerous times.His office NEVER once ever made this statement that he couldn't vote for blanket amnesty. He does endorse amnesty MCcain, and he voted out of order on the amnesty bill, after seeing it would fail he voted no.
In NC he's Senator Scam...he also recently endorsed a type of Sociallized healthcare.

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