22 July 2007 at 1:45 PM EST

Richardson Switches Up the Game

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Is Richardson campaigning for or against America?

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Thursday that the United States should increase legal immigration, a position that he acknowledges would likely cost him votes as he seeks the Democratic nomination for president.

Richardson is dooming himself of his grand prize -- the Democratic nomination -- by wanting to give out more of the American grand prize -- citizenship. Tancredo understands: Assimilation and Integration are parts of immigration too.

Anyway, in a separate development, it's time to remind Richardson about the law.

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Romney Throttles Back Straw Poll Plans. Source, NEWSMAX magazine. Saturday, July 21, 2007.
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Saturday he has scaled back plans for a straw poll in Iowa (next month) that two chief rivals are bypassing.
He told reporters. "We've cut back on our target from that standpoint...." In June, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. John McCain bowed out of the decades-old nonbinding contest. Romney has put great resources into preparing for the event, which now shapes up as a contest involving several lesser-known contenders.

Go, Tom Tancredo! Beat Richardson.

Worried about the REAL effects of aliens? Check out the Roy Beck video at numbersUSA! This is absolutely awesome.


Roy Beck is a genius. His presentation on immigration is very practical and very effective. He's doing a great job, with NumbersUSA web-site. You've got to love the free faxing!


Obama solicits La Raza backing

By Stephen Dinan
July 23, 2007

"...The Illinois Democrat said the recent Senate immigration debate 'was both ugly and racist in a way we haven't see since the struggle for civil rights.'"



The only thing I see as ugly here is the fact that elected Senators (a couple of which are running for the Democratic nomination) are trying to divide Americans even more by referring to opponents of illegal immigrant amnesty as being racist.

Furthermore, how can any black American support Senator Obama for President of the United States with a comment like that? And doesn't he know that all of this illegal immigration depresses the wages and advancements of black Americans?

And Senator Clinton is really on the same page as Obama, believe me. So, why do they automatically get the support of black Americans?!

Why not support someone like Tancredo who's policies will actually lift black Americans up, instead of drag them down?

(And by the way, did you all know that Obama's father was a polygamist? I am not exaggerating or sensationalizing! Do a genealogical background check on him. He has ancestors that were polygamists on one side of his family and ancestors that owned slaves on the other side. And he is the champion of the minorities in this country?!)

A response to the comment by James: I believe it is inappropriate to hold the actions of someone's ancestors against a person. How could Senator Obama possibly prevent the transgressions of others before he was even born?

I don't hold his ancestors actions against him.

If Obama was open and honest and said, "this is my family's background, but I expect people to evaluate me as an individual and on my own merit" I would respect that more. However, I certainly think it is fair to judge (discern) him by his own words and actions. What I don't appreciate is that he paints himself as being one of them, in reference to black Americans, and yet he has ancestors that owned slaves. Don't you think that would shock the black Americans in this country, if they knew that? I do. I think it is patently absurd and hypocritical to paint himself as he does, in light of his genealogical background.

By the way, does everyone know that Obama grew up as a Muslim and went to a Muslim school? It's great if he "converted" to Christianity (I have my concerns and doubts, however), but it is very apparent that he converted to another extreme ideology. Is it right to take a look at his church and religious beliefs? Yes, because we all know that your beliefs influence your decisions. (I would criticize Romney in a similar vain.)

The church that Obama belongs to has stated on their web-site, "We are an African people, and remain 'true to our native land,' the mother continent, the cradle of civilization" and "A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA." (Emphasis theirs) Is this not disturbing? Do we want a President that belongs to a church like that?? Are HIS loyalties to America or "the mother continent"??

All I am saying is, Obama has a questionable background and like a lot of politicians, he is trying to paint himself one way, when his background does not show that.

If you think my comments are unjustified, then search out on the web and find comments from many black leaders in America that are just as uncomfortable with this as I. There ARE very-very good black religious and political leaders in this country. If it is the goal of black Americans to have a GOOD black candidate for America (and I don't think that is a laudable goal - we should not focus on race), why don't they chose someone like Alan Keyes?! Instead, all too many want someone who's only going to tear down America and not build it up.

And finally, I really wish people in America would stop trying to chose candidates based on race or gender. Vote for the person who has real character and who will protect our Constitution and sovereignty as a country. I believe that person is Congressman Tancredo.

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