27 July 2007 at 8:10 AM EST

The Save America Tour Reignites!

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For the next two weeks in Iowa (up to the Iowa Straw Poll), The Tanc is nearly nonstop campaigning. I'm flying to Des Moines now (in the airport -- BWI -- writing this). Check back in the early afternoon for much more -- we've got A LOT goin' on today.

So as I travel to Iowa, here's what you can do right now if you are in Iowa:

1) Commit to vote Tancredo at the Iowa straw poll.

2) Participate in a door to door literature drop in Iowa, every weekend between now and the straw poll. Call the Iowa offices to volunteer.

3) Join Tom's Army Against Amnesty.

If you are not in Iowa, notify friends and family who are in Iowa about these three things.

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I just read the inspiring speech that Tancredo gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC on March 2, 2007. You can read the transcript at:


I loved the lines, "...I know that I am as long a shot as there is out there. I know that this is the sort of ultimate David and Goliath experience for me, and with which I am engaged. Hey, but David won. I always think of that."

Congressman Tancredo: REMEMBER, David DID win! It REALLY DID happen! And, REMEMBER, Daniel in the lion's den! God preserved Daniel! It REALLY DID happen! God can preserve you and give you victory!

Mr. Tate: If you get a chance, in Iowa, REMIND CONGRESSMAN TANCREDO of his words in that speech and of God's Words that inspired Tancredo to say what he did!

Go, Tancredo, GO!

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