25 July 2007 at 1:08 PM EST

The Illegal Safe Haven

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Flash back to Ancient Rome. Citizenship was originally granted to children born to a Roman citizen father. However, in 212 AD, Roman emperor Caracalla enacted the Constitutio Antoniniana, which extended Roman citizenship to all inhabitants of the empire.

And now look at today's America. We follow a parallel path. Our federal government virtually allowing the same: New Haven openly defies the law declaring more than just sanctuary status but also doling out an I.D. card, a parallel citizenship that legitimizes illegal aliens.

Citizenship gave Romans a feeling of pride, a sense of belonging. But, as everyone received citizenship, the citizenship diluted, altruism faltered, the empire failed. Replace the word Rome with America, and, possibly, a few hundreds years from now, don't turn to page 400 in the history book but to page 950 to make the comparison.

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I am glad you made this comparison. There are hundreds of comparisons that we can make, in the rise and fall of Rome and the rise and (God-forbid) eventual fall of America.

One other notable comparison, that I would make, between Rome and America: Rampant homosexuality contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. This too will contribute to the fall of America.

If we forget history, we are doomed to relive it.

Be sure and send every illegal alien you come in contact with to New Haven...all 20 million of them, they can get the freebies and over run that state until Tom becomes President.

I hope all the illegals move to New Haven and dry up all the city's resources and then they will be begging them to leave.

Please don't wish Connecticut to be over-run! I live here! :-P

New Haven, Connecticut, is the home of Yale University. Both Clintons, and both George I and George II, graduated from Yale. The whole NE gets extremely poor grades on Immigration Report Cards. D-, D-, D-, D....
Yale is part of the Ivy League system. I got a PhD from a competing Ivy League school, but don't hold that against me. It was in a non-political field of science, and I almost never supported the Ivy League liberal mindset of changing the world at our expense. These days, sending trillions out of the country shows the folly of that. It's uneducational. Education though is an important issue for Iowa.
Tom worked for the Department of Education, and the Democrats are very vulnerable on the issue of education. In 2005, NY state graduated only 60 percent of it's students. Iowa is the opposite. As a voter I would like to hear more criticism about liberal policies causing so many school dropouts. Compared to roughly 40 percent dropouts in the state of Hillary and Giuliani, Iowa has only about 15 percent. This is a regional thing, with Minnesota and other neighbor states also having high rates of HS completion. Those who don't complete HS earn bad incomes, and aliens are making this much worse.
The border states with Mexico are terrible. DOEd stats say the dropout problem is worse there. Statistically in this regard then, NY is an honorary Border State. The dropout problem is so bad in CA, they won't even send in statistics to the DOEd!
Nancy Pelosi is not for English as an official language. Academicians from her own state of CA say that if the 9th grade proficiency exams in Math and English are needed to graduate, the graduation rate may drop well below 50 percent. Los Angeles may have a HS graduation rate that low already, and below that of Mexico City. They send us their dropouts! With over 5 million illegal aliens in California, manifold other problems are skyrocketing.
Iowa is the opposite. Farm prices are increasing, and illegals cannot read well enough to run modern tractors. Ames is primarily a University town. Tom should be well received there. Attacking Pelosi on education would attract national attention. Plenty of people could be upset to find out that liberals voting lots of money for education have also voted to neutralize it all with open borders causing dropout rates to soar. This is a typical gigantic boondoggle and even people like Hillary and Guiliani will be very vulnerable later on. They may be surprised by how this conflict makes them look worse than flip-flop. And we know how the voters and Tom sank McCain for his flip-flopping.
The public is eager to hear from candidates attacking the worst problems. Education is in big trouble. If you have watched the presentation of Roy Beck at web site numbersUSA, you know what we face. If not stopped, the population explosion promoted by aliens will neutralize trillions of future dollars funded for education. They already are projected (by newsman Lou Dobbs) to cost us 2.7 trillion in retirement funds. On the way they will cost another trillion for welfare benefits. How bad is this? We have less that 2 trillion in cash circulating.
Related to this population explosion looking like doomsday because we are not sending illegals back home, is the educational level of our real-world workforce. It includes all people who supply us with goods. Our real-world workforce includes many uneducated people in factories we lost to foreign powers. How's that for further neutralizing our fantastic expenditures on education? (Rome grabbed gold. It took them a long time to fall because they didn't try to conquer the world by exporting factories or wealth!) Newer graduates can't get good jobs. Millions are already complaining about this.
By enforcing laws already passed, Tom would obviously take a lot of pressure off our educational system. It would function much better. Education is a huge political issue that should turn out to be very Presidential. Major problems with education are connected with the issue that most people identify Tom with, "Leading the Fight Against Amnesty!"

Mr. Tate: I hope Congressman Tancredo reads William Barnett's post. It was a good one.

As much as I love and support Tom, I don't think he can win the presidency. He is just not that well known across the country. I do think that Fred Thompson, with Tom as his running mate could definitely win!!! I would bet money on it.

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