23 July 2007 at 12:03 PM EST

Tancredo's Take Round 5 - Taking Questions

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Ask questions here. Previous rounds: Round 1. Round 2. Round 3. Round 4.

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First of all I want to thank you for all the good work you have done for us here in Colorado and for taking a stand for us in Washington!!
Would like to ask you about Newt Gingrich's "American Solutions". Would you ever consider checking in to his ideas and solutions?

It is very encouraging to watch and support the men who are ready to take a stand for America today and that see how broken the system of our government is today and yet they are working towards making a big change! I and many others see you as a candidate that could make such an enormous change for Americans during this next elections! We are so unimpressed by any of the other candidates (same old same)that are on the scene today. Would love to hear about your thoughts on my question. Thanks, Kristy McClendon

Congressman Tancredo, many Middle Class Americans are required to take random drug tests to keep their jobs while those we trust with our country are not. Would you support legislation requiring the President of the USA down to including all congressmen and women to take random drug tests? In my opinion, every elected official in this country should be required to take a random drug tests every week.
I believe this legislation would never pass because many of our countries leaders are on drugs or they are making to much money from the illegal drug sales in this country.

First off i would like to sayim glad a good honest politician like you is running for president, and that you are one of the many reasons glad to be a colorado native.

I have two questions for you. First I would like to know your feelings about when people here in colorado and other states get a CCW permit then are put on a list of persons of interests with criminals. so basically what im sayin is how do you feel about people doing something to protect themselves legally but are being treated like criminals?
My second question is would there be anything you could do to protect the farmers and ranchers from developers stealing their land by making false claims of over grazing livestock like what the city of aroura and some developers did to Chuck Pancost(sp?), to get the land he was leasing from the city so they could build more un-needed houses and steal water from the farmers and ranchers to the east. Would you protect the farmers and ranchers by passing laws to help them?

Thank you for your stances defending national sovereignty.

Regarding the military: our young people are seeing soldiers return from Iraq (and other conflicts) to financial ruin, foreclosures, and lack of funds/insurance to re-enter society. What are your solutions (#1) to keep the Guard available in their home states for emergencies such as fires, weather/earthquake damages, and homeland security; (#2) to compensate our returning soldiers for their service; and (#3) to rebuild our armed forces without instituting a draft or national service.

I have two questions for the Congressman:

First of all, when President Bush took office in 2001 obviously he had to select a whole new cabinet and many other lower offices. However, he chose to maintain many holdovers from the previous administration and that caused trouble down the road in some instances.

In your case you would succeed another Republican, but would the new broom sweep clean or would you keep many of the Bush holdovers?

My second question requires a bit of setup. I live in an area that is nominally Democrat by voter registration but votes GOP when it comes to state and national elections (both President Bush and our former Governor Bob Ehrlich carried my county with over 60% of the vote.) Obviously you're known as a immigration "hawk", but on what other issues do you see yourself as strong enough to convince voters to switch registration and become Republicans in order to vote for you?


Michael Swartz


P.S. We'd certainly welcome you here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Congressman Tancredo! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are our only hope! Please help us in CA! Orange County Superiour court has outsourced traffic ticket processing to Mexico! All our personal info going to Nogalas, Sonora, Mexico! This is only one link, there are many others, just google. HELP! http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56887

Congressman Tancredo, I recall you stating publicly that you will "kill the North American Union in it's infancy." However, I just read a disturbing statement at the following address (a MUST read for all Americans):


which says (on the last page of the PDF article's file):

"It must be science fiction or right-wing paranoia. No logically thinking (North) American could believe it. Two members of Congress who have raised alarm about a secretive NAU - Republicans Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Ron Paul of Texas - have both been labeled by the national media as 'extremist.' Tancredo even withdrew his statement after criticism."

Is it true that you have withdrawn your criticism of the North American Union? If it is true, that you have withdrawn your criticism, how can you expect any of us to support you in your bid for the Presidency? I am not an avid admirer of Ron Paul, but does this leave us with only one option - support Ron Paul for President in '08?

In addition to clarifying whether or not you have withdrawn your criticism of the NAU, I ask that you please thoroughly discuss your position on the Council on Foreign Relations, the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union.

I look forward to your answer. I am sitting in a state of utter disappointment right now.

If this article and this scanned brochure are not proof of the North American Union, I don't know what is:



I am literally sick to my stomach. We are about to lose our country! Where is the BOLD ANGRY COURAGE to STOP THIS?!

Dear Tom,
Have you considered getting together with Ron Paul? The field of Republican candidates needs to be pared down to you two, and you should run together in the end. You together are the best hope for saving what's left of American freedom, and turning the ship of state into the wind of globalism. Tom Tancredo/Ron Paul '08 - a real choice for a change!

If elected, what is your vision for America as the defacto global leader? I understand that this is a very broad question, but the office of President now carries with it more responsibility than it has ever in the history of the United States. The Cold War ended two-and-a half decades ago, and because of this "victory" we have emerged as the dominant superpower in a world that looks to our leadership and guidance. What do you see as our vision and goal (with this position in mind) during your tenure as President?

I'm not really looking for a response for myself personally. In truth I've been reading an excellent book by Zbigniew Brzezinski (Second Chance - Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower, Basic Books, 2007) and would highly recommend that you add it to your personal library.

Thank you and good luck,
Paul Roberts

Congressman Tancredo, I first heard you this morning (Ausust 5th) on one of the Iowa debates. All I really got to hear from you was "no womb-to-tomb health care" and you pretty much earned my vote.

However, I do have a few questions. As to health care, why do you support federal subsidies and state funding? Socialized medicine is socialized medicine, no matter how small the dose is served in. The effects of HMO's, Medicare, and Medicaid have already been detrimental. As far as I'm considered, subsidies only lead to more subsidies and we're back where we started.

As to your budget plans, what will you do about pork-barrel spending?

Dear Congressman Tancredo:

You, Sir, are the only elected Representative who has truly spoken out on the issue of illegal immigration, and fought to maintain the integrity of our borders, and the sovereignty of our Republic. I appeal to you, Sir, to do so again...

We need a Legislator with the gumption to propose an Amendment that clearly prohibits the attachment of citizenship benefits, etc. to any other legislation. That would make it impossible to "bury" amnesty provisions in other bills and would force amnesty supporters to use separate, easily-recognized legislation that could be caught and defeated - without harming other, necessary bills.

You are our only hope, Sir, as I know of no other individual in the House or Senate with the courage to propose such legislation. Please believe me when I say that you WILL have the backing and support of the vast majority of the American people.

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

Iam for the first time in my life going to the straw poll in IA. to show my support for you. I would like to know your plans for ins. reform. They like Las Vegas build fabulous buildings at there customers expence. Issues such as canceling policies just because you use them, never removing restrictions, ect. It's the only product I can think of that you pay for and hope you never use. I am talking about all kinds of ins. I fully agree with your strong immigrations stand, but please lets have some down to earth talk about other issues as I know you can do.

Dear Congressman Tancredo:
I first would like to thank you for running for the office of President of the United States. You are the best candidate in the Republican Party. Being a Christian, like yourself, I have often found it quite difficult to hear much truth in our society. However, as I listen to you, I perceive not only truth but strength, integrity, and kindness. You speak clearly about the grave dangers that face this nation and emphasize the need to strengthen the three fundamental characteristics of any country: Borders, Language, and Culture. You have also proposed legislation that has only helped promote and protect what is righteous and good in order to strengthen the U.S. I therefore encourage you to continue to fight hard and persevere. I gaurentee you that the majority of Americans believe in everything that you stand for--- they just haven't heard you yet. Thus, I hope you continue to speak up and debate the issues that the Pseudo/Kennedy Republicans fail to understand. You have my full support. Although I live in Massachusetts, I will do my best to raise awarness of your campaign.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

P.S. Although you are strong on all issues, I would greatly appreciate if you could discuss more about your plans to fix trade with the world and bring American jobs back to the U.S.

Dear Congressman Tancredo,
I just read an article about the possibility of the military draft coming back. It's bad enough that our young men and women are being killed in Iraq, even though they voluntarily enlisted, but I can't imagine drafting our kids and sending them over there against their will. I'm a mother and I thank God none of them were interested in the military. Some are cut out for the military and some are not. I decided that I would vote for you from the first time I saw and heard you, because of your stand against illegal aliens. However, as a mother, the draft issue has become more important to me than illegal aliens. If I lose any of my kids, especially to a war that they would want nothing to do with, nothing else would matter to me anyway.
What is your position on the draft?

Mary B.

Tom- I'm a 25 year old Iowa native, recent grad from the University of Northern Iowa. I voted for you today in the straw poll and I met you in person but wanted to express how deeply honored I am to support you. And how much it meant to meet you in person.
You have brought my faith back into the hopes that we can take our party back, our nation back. Tom Tancredo makes me believe a better America is ahead.

I had my entire family call and leave messages for Grassley and Harkin both times they tried to push the Bush/McCain/Kennedy Amnesty bill through.
We shutdown Bush and his Democrat friends together! I'm so proud to be a part of your movement.

My question is, would you consider any form of political alliance with Ron Paul? My only concern is the the perception of his immediate reckless withdrawal from Iraq (unless congress will declare war).

It's time more than ever to defend the Constitution and protect the Bill of Rights. It's all common men like me truly have. As a young man I fear for their future.
Lets stop SPP, stop the sly implementation of the Supercorridor, and foreign entanglements like the purported inching towards NAU. Focusing on bringing justice to Bin Laden would be welcome as well.

Whatever future endeavors you take, I will always offer my stalwart support. God bless you and your family.

You have my support down here in california on the border issue.
illegal immigration is a strong issue and that's the main reason i support you.

Stay strong.

vote for tancredo 2008

Congressman Tancredo, if ANYONE ever calls you a racist again - that you are a racist against the Hispanics because of your stance on illegal immigration - you can point them to this article:


We have, they say, about 25,000 illegal Irish immigrants in this country! How about that?!

Obviously, the overwhelming number of illegal aliens in this country are from Mexican origin. No one would deny that. However, we Americans are concerned about ALL illegal aliens from whatever origin they be!

Tom, you have my greatest support here in New York city, democratic and sanctuary. If I could vote for you on August 11, I would bring also all my family. I think you do pretty well for so controversial candidate. More people have to see and listen to your common sense on the important issues. Looks like mainstream media didn’t get it yet who is going to be a next president of USA. Good luck.

Hello Tom,

I read your "On the Issues" page. I have a question for you on the subject of Social Seurity reform. I'm 42, legally blind and unemployed. Yes, I do collect SSDI (Social Security Disability Income). What about SSDI? How are you proposing to help the disabled community who are dependent on programs like SSI and SSDI? It is not like I can open a 401K account.

If I could open a personal 401K, would I do so? Yes, I believe that I would. After all, money is already being taken out via Medicare.

It would be one thing if everyone made good money and Social Security affected only the elderly. However, it doesn't just affect them. What of the millions of disabled people who depend on Social Security (SSI, SSDI, Survivor's Benefits and Social Security)? What of the poor who are only able to make $7 to $10 an hour? Would not a mix of the two approach work better?

I just recently completed your book, In Mortal Danger, and I have concluded that you are the man I would like to see in the White House. However, with your present strategy, I don't believe that you will survive the primary processs.

Having said that, I do believe that there is a strategy that will win. My recommendation is to convince Newt Gingrich to become your campaign manager. He is a genius. On C-Span, before the National Press Club, he referred to the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, the newly elected Presidant of France. He was labeled the right-wing conservative underdog by the French press. In addition to this handicap, there is no paid political advertising allowed on TV in France. Sarkozy, therefore, developed a strategy to circumvent the "main stream media" via the Internet. He took his campaign directly to the people. He won 54%-46%.

Given the fact that young people today get their news from the Internet rather than from the daily newspaper or the nightly network news, you have an open channel to voters. Your strategy must be to use the Internet to take your message directly to the people.

Campaigns to get you on the ballot in every state can be coordinated via the Interent.

And for God's sake, act like you're going to win! Our country needs you!

HI! Tom
I still believe oil is driving force behind most problems we face today. Our foreign suppliers have us dancing like a puppet on a string. Thoughtful foreign policy is impossible while being blackmailed to maintain oil supply. I would like to know thoughts on priority to relieve dependancy on foreign energy.

I read this morning that mexican governors are making the rounds IN THE UNITED STATES , WTF?


Hello Congressman,

First I would like to thank you for all your hard work in identifying the problem that illegal aliens pose to our country. I would also like to say that I am behind you every step of the way. I would like to ask you a question involving the sale of video games to mature audiences:

Do you wish to add additional regulations to the sale of video games with a mature rating? Even though the standards for it are higher than it's Hollywood counterparts?

Please note that I am a 24 year veteran that loves his hobbies, like many other americans do.

I also understand that you are ironically the congressman who's district encompasses the Columbine Murders location. I am also a firm believer that evil grows in peoples hearts not rests with guns or video games.

Otherwise, fight on brother fight on.

Would Cong. Tancredo be able to support any of these items that I would love to hear a Presidential candidate say as perhaps a new Contract with America?

1. Enforce existing employment laws and put some corporate officers in jail for knowingly employing illegals. Put a few construction company managers/owners and/or corporate farmers in several states in jail for hiring illegals, and see the shock waves dry up jobs for illegals. The free market will adjust the economy, and yes, there are Americans that will take the jobs.

2. Immediately call on Congress to fund a large increase in the military. We have China, Iran, Russia, and others inching ever closer to war with us. We need more troops, more ships, more planes, and more equipment to make our military strong enough to cause our enemies to think twice. It is a shame we hire civilians to go into harm's way to do what American soldiers and Marines should be doing. And that includes removing women from any duty station where they can be killed or captured by enemy activity.

3. Turn our military loose to fight according to rules of engagement like they had in WWII. Rules of engagement where the intent is to win decisively. No more "nation building".

4. Put our military on the border with Mexico, and allow them to use any appropriate and necessary means to stop any illegals they see. Mexico uses machine guns and barbed wire on their southern border.

5. Make it clear to our Islamic enemies that the US considers it an appropriate response, i.e. an option we reserve, to any large scale attack, or combination of small attacks, by Moslems on American soil, to destroy Medina, Mecca, and/or the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. There will be no 2nd chances. Hit us, and those places start to disappear at our discretion. Once destroyed, our airborne tankers will spray them with liquefied hog lard. If the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, we will ask Israel to come in and effect repairs on the Temple, if they so desire.

6. Immediately and relentlessly push Congress - going over their heads to the American people - to pass the Fair Tax. Enough is enough.

7. Order the Justice Dept (they work for the President) to enforce the Constitutional requirement to protect the 1st and 2nd amendments. There is far too much federal, state, and local government squelching of Christian religious freedom and conservative speech that is protected by the Constitution, and the Justice Dept. needs to stand with the Constitution. Let the government govern with the least interference in freedom, and the Church will be freer to be the Church.

8. Immediately appoint a small committee of solidly conservative people to assess what laws, federal Court rulings, and budget items are not Constitutionally mandated (i.e. within the limited bounds of a federal government), and recommend a hasty but rational path to get government out of those areas.

9. Push for whatever action can be taken to ensure Roe v Wade is overturned and the decisions left to the several States.

10. Make it clear to all federal administrative agencies for which the President has responsibility that they - from cabinet secretary down to the lowliest clerk - work for him and any of those workers not performing up to acceptable standards will be fired. Tell their unions to go to Hades. And any manager that uses their ability to hire and fire for unjust reasons will be summarily fired, and if justified, prosecuted. No political hirings and firings.

11. Use the line item veto. If Congress wants to sue you after you use it, so be it. By the time the courts come to a decision, we will save a lot of money.

12. Make it clear to other nations that we will not involve ourselves in how you run your country, no matter how foolish or self-destructive you may be. It is the responsibility of your citizens to rise up and replace a government that has become oppressive, just as we Americans did. Trade with us as peers, accept reasonable tariffs on your goods so we do trade as peers, and we are your best friend. We may even agree to protect you from enemies from without. we will help you so long as you are wisely helping yourselves. But, if you even so much as threaten American lives or property, including any violence or oppression against American missionaries or aid workers, we will address that threat with whatever means necessary to ensure the threat is gone. We will not be tread upon. We will not recognize borders or sovereignty if your nation refuses to take timely action against those within your country who threaten American lives or property.

12a. If other nations are offended, if people from other lands are shocked, simply tell them, "Thank you for your opinions. When you and your nation have managed to have a stable, productive, and free nation for as long as the US, and when you have freed as many nations as we have at the cost of your sons' lives as we have, and when you are ready to stop taking our aid, then we will consider your opinions on how we manage our own nation."

13. The UN must straighten up or we get out and send them to another nation willing to waste its money and land on them.

14. Put an end to all federal government involvement (e.g. money) in furthering the interests of the global warming crowd. It is nothing more than a myth created to allow governments to take over private property. It should be the official policy of the US that there is no man-made global warming issue to address, and there is no science to support the theory of man-made global warming.

15. Push for legislation designating English as the official and only US language, and recognizing that there is a single American culture that has existed since Colonial times. One language, one culture, with all its variations on the fringes. Use of other languages by government will only be used when to the advantage of the government.

16. All those granted citizenship because they were born here to parents who were illegal will have their citizenship revoked, with viable options for regaining that citizenship if they are truly American. Those wishing to become citizens must 1) speak, read, and write English fluently; 2) Agree in writing to abandon all allegiances to other lands and cultures; 3) pledge allegiance to the US and to its flag; 4) show that he or she has adopted the traditional (i.e not the Euro-trash neo, MTV version) American culture. Immigration numbers should be lowered, and there should be a drastic decrease in H1-B and similar visas. No American should lose a job because an immigrant is willing to do sloppier work for less money.

17. Official US policy will be that homosexuality (i.e. homophilia) will be treated as any other paraphilia - as a treatable condition and not a qualifying status for civil rights nor protected behavior. What adults do in private is between them and God, and He can handle that quite well without invasive Big Brother laws. When homosexuality is brought out in public, it should be treated by government with the same disdain which we treat adulterers and other antisocial sexual behaviors

18. The Justice Department should begin applying antitrust laws and anticorruption (e.g. RICO) to the big unions. Today's unions decrease quality and increase cost. Get government out of the way of the private sector turning that around.

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