18 July 2007 at 12:48 AM EST

Tancredo's Acclaimed NAACP Speech

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Tancredo's speech at the 2007 NAACP Annual Convention in Detroit.

Scroll down on the webpage and click the Rep. Presidential Candidate Forum link.

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The speech was great, the empty stage was fantastic and the degelates seemed to receive his remarks well. My wife commented that Team Tancredo had it together and the rest of the GOP field missed an opportunity.

It was a pleasure to watch this. It moved my heart and I think it must have moved many who were in attendance there at the convention. I sincerely hope that many, within that organization and those they influence, will truly realize that Tancredo is a viable candidate who will represent them as President.

I just watched Lou Dobbs today and he had three radio talk show hosts on. Joe Madison was the man's name. Anyway, he praised Tom Tancredo for speaking at the NAACP convention and that no other republican bothered to show up. He was very impressed and said that Tom got a standing ovation and that the people there treated Tom with respect. Tom in 08!

As an African-American and staunch opponent of illegal immigration, I would like to congratulate you for being the only republican candidate at the NAACP convention. Your attendance there has served to reinforced my already 'great admiration' for you...Best wishes to you!


You're great as usual. You are truely the right man for the job in these troubled times of American history. As an American of Mexican decent I feel that my vote has been passed over for that of one's who is from a special interest group, and worst yet, that of an illegal immigrant - pff, as if they can vote.

Thank you for being a man of principle and not of rhetoric, and for reaching out to this American and giving me hope that this country of ours won't be lost.

You certainly have my vote.


Can you do me a favor when you become president and out law that annoying option on all customer service automated phone systems: "Press one for spanish"?

Best Wishes on your road to the White House Tom!!!

Joe Valenzuela
Los Angeles, California

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