26 July 2007 at 9:12 AM EST

Tancredo TV Ad

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Now running in Iowa.

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It truly blows my mind that most rational Americans are aware that there are terrorist cells all over the world that have the means and intent on coming here and causing harm, are getting in, and that we still tolerate a completely apathetic approach to border security from our federal govt. As good of a job as our military is doing to hunt down and kill terrorists, they cannot be expected to go out, find, and kill every last terrorist intent on coming here and causing harm to our country. If we expect to be safe from terrorist attacks while keeping our borders open, then that is exactly what we are expecting of our military. Fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here is not an effective strategy if we aren't keeping them from getting here. Rep. Tancredo is America's last hope. He is the only one with the integrity to do what needs to be done. He is not in the back pockets of big business which is why he can't raise the tens of millions that the front runners have. Please keep up the fight Mr. Tancredo.

I'm a teacher, mom and grandmother who has joined Tom's team. Thousands of Iowans and Americans have already become Tancredo supporters! Tom's message is clear, but a majority of Americans don't see the big picture! Either that or they're turning a blind eye to this country's future. Take a look at what has happened in California! Tom is correct in saying that our nation is being invaded! We're being invaded by law-breakers who demand the "freebies" this nation has to offer. Our government, media, corporations, unions and judges cater to illegals, while law-abiding citizens grow frustrated that their voices are not heard! Thanks, Tom, for your strong values and for caring about this great nation and its future!

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