25 July 2007 at 12:09 PM EST

Tancredo on MSNBC with Ann Curry

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She starts out the interview stating that Congressman Tancredo wants an apology. Then she plays a clip of Brownback and asks Tancredo to apologize? I don't get it. It seems to me that she bated Congressman Tancredo on this and then proceeded to try to embarrass him and shame him. SHAME ON HER! Go, Tancredo, GO! You need to run hard and win!

Tom you really smacked her a good one! Loved it! Yeah!

Once again another excellent interview by Congressman Tancredo. I was quite pleased that the interviewer actually give the Congressman time to respond. As for Senator Brownback, I suggest he find a new campaign manager.

GREAT job, Tom! You were calm, clear, unhurried and answered her brilliantly! ...AND you were your usual, amiable self. We LOVE you and here's to first or second place in Iowa !!! And "Brownie"...you are NOT doin' a heck of a job...lay off Tancredo and Romney with your innane, desperate tactics.

I also think that Ann bated Tom. I thought he did a good job in responding to her questions. I have said it before and will say it again Tom Tancredo is a sane voice in insane times. He is the one that should be president.

I know now why I don't watch the Today Show anymore. It's because of idiots like Ann Curry. To ask a stupid question like "Why are you running". What a joke and where did that Newsweek poll come from. I can't believe Brownback got a 2%--he has no backbone. He is just jealous of Tom because he does have backbone. Way to go MR. TANCREDO!!!

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