27 July 2007 at 8:47 PM EST

Tancredo on Hazleton

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New Tancredo podcast on Hazleton. Check it out.

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I think Tom should pop over to Hazleton and shake a lot of hands give the city encouragement and congratulations for their courage and leadership. The nation stands ready to help with legal fund donations if needed.
The battle lines are drawn and we have our muskets primed and ready. (check books)
This will give Tom some much needed publicity that he just isn't getting.
I never see a peep about him in the Houston Chronicle.
Just make sure the press is invited.

I was told by Dan Smeriglio (founder of Voice of the People USA, an anti-illegal immigration group based in Hazleton -- http://www.voiceofthepeopleusa.com ) that Tom Tancredo is planning to join the Harrisburg, PA rally on September 1, 2007, along Joe Loya, the father- in- law of Border Patrol agent Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Ramos, and Nacho himself if he gets released from prison. Dan also told me a certain actor-turned governor wrote the group a letter saying he is supposed to try to "clear his schedule" to attend the rally as well. Dan said another presidential candidate is also supposed to attend (I think it was Duncan Hunter - but not positive). Anyway, Hazleton needs some moral support, as not only did Judge Munley obviously not understand what he was making a decision on, but the two illegal aliens involved in the cold-blooded slaying of Robert Kichline over a year ago (which sparked the need for the IIRA to begin with) were released from prison after the homicide charges were dropped due to "lack of evidence."

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