10 July 2007 at 12:04 PM EST

Tancredo on CNN's Lou Dobbs about H-1B Visas

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Tancredo is lying. I agree that there are many Indians on H1b visa. But hardly 0.1% of that are overstaying their Visas. They are all legal (not Illegal) immigrants who go by books and pay taxes & social security.

Also he lied saying it not possible to find out if they are overstaying. USCIS/INS can easily find out. Every H1b visa comes with a I-94 which states the date until which they can stay in in USA legally. Every I-94 has a number which can be easily looked upon by USCIS to check if the date has expired. Every time a legal immigrant leaves USA, he/she has to submit the I-94 at the airport which in turn are reported to USCIS.

Mr. Tancredo, just because you want to advance your nomination chances from 1% to 1.25%, please don't blatantly lie about law-abiding, tax paying legal immigrants and H1b visa holders.


I am really saddened and disgusted listening to Tancredo's interview on Lou Dobbs show. I can understand his opposition to H1B visa. But, he shouldn't be grossly misstating the facts to support his argument. I can understand this kind of behavior from a lobbyist but I dont expect this kind of behavior from a respectable US senator.

Firstly, he says, "They dont go Home". But Sir, H1B visas are what are called, "Dual-Intent Visas". They are in the country legally and pursue a legal course of action to become a legal immigrant. I dont understand, why they should go home, when they are in the process of becoming a legal immigrant.

Secondly, he talks about "Overstaying the Visa". Do you think USCIS will allow legal aliens to overstay their visa? Whoever is still here on H1Bs do have what are called "EXTENSIONS" that they acquire LEGALLY from USCIS. USCIS do allow H1B extensions beyond 6 years if the applicant is in the process of becoming a legal immigrant (Green Card). When USCIS themselves allow the candidates for Extension, what is this talk about Overstaying the Visa?

Thirdly, he says, H1B visa is a "5-year visa". Sir, Please do your homework before you state something on network television. H1B visa is a "6-year visa" that can be extended depending on applicant's status and not "5-year visa" as you claim.

About his final statement on "USCIS not having any idea where the H1B visa holder is", I do not want to repeat what the previous poster says. USCIS can track H1B visa holders through their I-94 and through their AR-11 change of address form submissions.

I humbly request you sir, not to distort the facts when you are on national television.


Haha, John, don't mean to argue about details, but if you want to accuse people of not doing their homework, you should first make sure you do yours...i.e. Tom Tancredo is not a Senator, he's a Representative.

However, the bigger issue is security. So an h1b recipient has to file paperwork when they arrive and when they leave. So yes, it appears that the government may be able to put a number on the number of people who've overstayed their visas...that is if you have confidence in the government's record keeping. Remember the 9-11 investigations into the systems used to track student visa holders proved them to be wildly inaccurate?

And even if you do know the people who've overstayed, what are you going to do about it? God knows we've done such a great job addressing the 12-20 million illegal immigrants that are here right now. Then again what's another 5 million h1b holders on top of that?


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