12 July 2007 at 2:51 PM EST

Tancredo Dominates in Detroit

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Tancredo dazzled Detroit at the NAACP's annual convention. The Boston Globe notes:

He used his opening remarks to talk about his signature issue, illegal immigration, and how it was hurting American workers, and especially African-American workers. Tancredo said he gets "insulted" every time he hears that illegal immigrants are working jobs American citizens won't take.

MSNBC's First Read highlights:

Tancredo said proponents of immigration reform have "the audacity to call 'amnesty' the modern day civil rights movement." He earned big applause for saying "There is no comparison" between the two movements.


He then closed with a two-minute statement, including an anecdote highlighting what he said whites and blacks have in common -- a language.

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I am proud and happy that MR. TANCREDO could find the time from his busy schedule to address African-Americans at the NAACP convention. It shows that someone in the Republican Party cares about them. I hope they listened to what you had to say with open-minds and will give you their support. Keep up the good work MR. TANCREDO.

Most encouraging that Tom Tancredo is taking his message to African-Americans. Soon after the Civil Rights Bill in the sixties is when I noticed the beginnings of an influx from Mexico. Just when we were trying to heal the wounds and open up opportunities for black citizens the government threw a wrench in the works with the Immigration Act of 1965, incidently, that was not supposed to change our demographics. Thanks, Teddy.

The more Congressman Tancredo's campaign moves forward, the more and more I am impressed! Conversely, (and I don't know why Congressman Hunter wasn't there) where were the other Republican candidates?!

Whether we agree with the NAACP's stances on things, the people in this organization are a part of the American nation and they should be addressed! It would have been a good opportunity for all Republican candidates to improve relationships or build relationships with that constituency. SO BE IT! Congressman Tancredo gets all the good publicity as a result of NO OTHER Republican candidates showing up!

Tancredo shows REAL courage and REAL leadership. He MUST get the nomination from the Republican party!

I was concerned the NAACP leadership might paint him as the racist enemy they’re always looking for, but I should have known: no one can hate Tancredo! Well done, and congratulations.

The speech he gave, by the way, was impressive.

C-SPAN should be airing it in the near future. Stay posted because I'll tell you the replay date.

Seemingly the only presidential candidate who understnds that Americans want our borders secured and our immigration laws enforced!

Ive been impressed with Toms stand on immigration from the start. Its strange how everywhere he goes he seems to get a standing ovation and yet hes still ignored in the media. I thought this would be against him. But because of the issues, he doesnt seem to need the media for people to quickly learn hes what our nations needs. Hes loved everywhere he goes. We dont need the media to know what we want or need.

I'm impressed that they let him in, but the NAACP has been more open to other views than the ultraliberal crowd lately. That's a good move on their part, and it's a freaking slam-dunk for Tancredo to show up and get the word out. Illegal immigrants steal the low-paying jobs first, and those jobs often are the only opportunity youth and the poor (many whom are black, but of course, not all) have. Support of illegal immigration can very easily be cast as an anti-black and therefore racist position.

Tom's message is for Americans period....the last best hope of western civilization.
Any one that is a proud American should be Thankful for this great American!

God Bless Tom Tancredo! It did not take courage, it took "heart" to go the the NAACP convention. He went to tell African-Americans how illegal immigration is hurting their community. He went to tell them that there is someone in the presidential race that is concerned about them, not because they are black, but because they are AMERICAN! He has "heart"!

Here is a man who should be President. Why? Because Tom Tancredo recognizes that without secure borders and enforcement of existing immigration laws, there will be no America. Opponents love to call him a "one issue" candidate. Well, heed this, without secure borders,we will have no country to defend; no economy to stimulate; no culture to preserve. Without the primacy of this "one issue", all other issues are moot. The immigration system is not broken (never has been). Annually, the United States provides for a million people to legally enter our country; more people than all other countries combined. This is how our sovereignty is maintained through assimilation. Again, it is not the "immigration system" that is in need of an overhaul. It is the illegal invasion of foreigners who breach our borders, while disregarding our laws, that need addressing. You go Tom!

Mike, I'm eager to see / hear his speech and the response to that! Hope you'll make it available on your site in conjunction with YouTube.

I am impressed and sent him on to
all my addresses, the folks need to know this guy, he is for real

As an African-American, I applaud Rep. Tancredo for attending the NAACP Convention. Though I doubt I will vote for a Republican this time out, I thank him for his work against illegal immigration.

And, I assure Rep. Tancredo that the Black man on the street - in the beauty shops, barber shops, coffee shops. The regular Black man and woman that gets up and goes to work everyday - they understand his message completely.

Do not think that the ' so-called' leaders speak for African-Americans on this issue. They couldn't be further apart.

There are a lot of Blacks, like my family, that are regular Lou Dobbs watchers, who know that Rep. Tancredo has been on the frontlines against illegal immigration, and I thank him again for not only on that fight, but for going into unfamiliar territory and saying his peace respectfully.

James: I'm working on getting the video clip of his speech.

I must say: Tom has more "class" than any of the other Republican candidates. He shows up and gives it to 'em anywhere, anytime. He even spoke up for Ron Paul when he was excluded from that Iowa debate, no other republican said anything.

Robert, I would respectfully say that you can have all the "heart" you want, but without "REAL courage" and "REAL leadership" to back it up, it means nothing. I think that there may have been one or two other Republican candidates that had "heart" too, but sadly no REAL courage and REAL leadership and that's why they weren't there. Now, that's REAL simple. I stand by my words - Congressman Tancredo shows REAL courage and REAL leadership.

I wish I could have a conversation with you, rikyrah, and find out why you don't want to vote for a Republican Presidential candidate. Frankly speaking, America needs good level-headed men and women like you, who understand significant issues facing America, to not only vote for Tancredo but go to your family and friends and tell them why they should vote for him too. I promise you, Tancredo is NOT like the majority of modern day sell-out Republicans that we're all so weary of!

Congressman Tancredo, it is a relief to see someone in the current field of GOP contenders step up and demonstrate that the Party of Lincoln still has its stars. I am a 28 yr young black AMERICAN man, and I appreciate you Mr. Tancredo. You remind me that President Bush and his administration are not the end of the GOP. Please realize (and this comes from one of the few of my age group and skin color who would have the "audacity" to support anything Republican) that if a script had been written to destroy the GOP, then that plan has achieved success at the hands of President Bush. You will definitely be a part of rebuilding whatever is left of the GOP post-Bush. "BIG UPS" again for restoring, if even a little, more confidence in the real GOP. And we know it's about the blood, sweat, and tears of that red, white, and blue FOR US ALL.

I don't know where or who’s responsible for the 12 million illegals number, if you times that by 2, your closer then the 12. Anyway, Tom's the only politician that has stood up to the illegal controversy, when it was very unpopular among politicians. It’s time to get going and elect a person that is for the people and not the big business that has corrupted so many. Hate to say it but the big push for the amnesty bill is bought and paid for by big business. I only have seen one candidate so strongly against this amnesty, that hasn’t talked in circles or out of both sides of his mouth. Tom Tancredo, good luck and God bless!

why dont you or anyone else ever mention that 40 million illegal aliens have come to this country since 1975 and during that same time we have allowed 40 million abortions in the u.s.?? The illegals and other ted kennedy 3rd world people let into amer. since the 1965 change in imm. laws, has almost destroyed the christian and white and negro cultures of america. I know that the black and white culture in amer, can and do care...they are christian, have a 4oo year history together and now are being separate and divided by the liberal news media and the mentally ill pols. like kennedy,reed,polosy and their ilk...when will the politic. begin to speak the real truth about our destroyinng ourselves???I am educated,ex teacher,coachj, have a law degree and care about the amer. we have beome. I believe all our moral have decayed since be began to kill our own...white liberals have convinced amer.s that its alright to comment infanticide and all under the lying legal front of free speech and all that blather...only god can save amer. but not until amer's stand up and throw off the yoke of oppression that the liberal, the courts, and media have managed to encircle the necks of the middle classed...includind blacks and whites...christians that died and built the united stated...Thank god for the mind and moral courage of tancredo

It's a shame that it requires money to get an excellent choice for political office in the public view. More money equals more name recognition which equals votes. I feel that our electoral process is in dire need of reform in the area of campaign financing. We need to see candidates put on equal ground as far as financing is concerned so that the best candidate can win not the richest!

I have seen too often in past, Republican campaigns where two good candidates both try to run and the votes get split between them... and they both end up losing. I know Mr. Tancredo and Mike Huckabee are both good candidates... they both believe in marriage b/w 1 man and 1 women, believe abortion is wrong, believe that we can't just pull out of the war in Iraq, and neither is ignoring the huge immigration problem. The votes will be divided b/w these two candidates in the Iowa Straw Poll unless someone honorably steps out, and asks all their supporters to vote for the other guy. Only then will all your work have not been in vain, but it will have served a great purpose in the election of the next president of the United States.
With great respect,

I'm a progressive/liberal bent independent who is conservative on immigration. I want to say kudos to Tancrado for having the courage & conviction in his beliefs to be the ONLY GOP candidate to show up and state his case for POTUS at the NAACP hosted debate.
Shame on all the other GOP candidates! It's just shameful. It was a class act move for Tancrado.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led the way and fought for the rights of black citizens.
Tom Tancredo will lead the way and fight to RESTORE the rights of "We The People".

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