31 July 2007 at 12:32 AM EST

PHXnews Immigration Podcast

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PHXnews.com interviewed Tancredo: Presidential Candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo Calls Todd From The Iowa Road To The White House!
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Thank you patriots for informing Americans about the problems with illegal immigration. By the way, Mexican president Felipe Calderon will tour the U.S. in February. Please alert everyone about this, so they can protest his appearance.



MEXICO, D.F., December 8 (AGENCIAS). In the way of the electoral anti-immigrant campaigns from White House contenders , president Felipe Calderon will carry out a tour in the United States in February, in which he expects to visit New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, three of the largest cities in which millions of his compatriots reside.

Calderon accepted in passed days that in the U.S. an environment exists of "animosity, hatred and discrimination" against the Mexican workers.

It is anticipated that that the Mexican president will travel to Los Angeles California, in correspondence to the invitation that the mayor of that city, Antonio Villaraigosa, made to him, when he visited Mexico City in May.

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