11 July 2007 at 3:30 PM EST

The McCain Misadventure

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Among others, immigration was a king of problems. In today's New York Times:

Donations were drying up, in part because of Republican opposition to Mr. McCain’s stances on issues like immigration, and the campaign was falling far short of its fund-raising goals.

From the Associated Press via Washington Post:

Republican presidential hopeful and illegal immigration opponent Tom Tancredo said Wednesday that he "can take some credit" for the current campaign woes of his rival for the nomination, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

The Tanc launched "a major grenade" at the McCain campaign. Direct hit.

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McCain is not a true Conservative Republican like Tancredo and does not deserve the nomination of the party.

While we can all honor McCain for being a POW, serving our country, etc., this just isn't enough to become President of the United States, but certainly not enough to be the Republican nominee. Further, I sincerely hope that he is ousted from his Senator position. He does not deserve to have any elected position, whereby he will have opportunity to tear down America's sovereignty through such bills as S. 1639 (S. 1348).

I sincerely hope that Congressman Tancredo becomes the nominee.

Mc Cain has had 20 years in office and has accomplished little except to become a multimillionnaire. He may have been a genuine hero at one time, but he cannot ride that pony forever. His actions of late have outraged his own constituents whom he totally ignores. Tom Tancredo is gaining a lot of support in Kyl/Mc Cain country.

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