24 July 2007 at 11:26 PM EST

Immigration Update: The New Illegal Alien Safe Haven

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It goes like this: New Haven, Conn., is first U.S. city to offer ID cards to illegal immigrants.

Bob Luciani, a teacher from Woodbridge, said he is concerned that that other cities may do what New Haven has done.

"It's going to metastasize across all over the country. I think this is totally illegal,'' he said. "If we don't go by laws, then we're going to have anarchy.''


The ID cards stand in contrast to new laws or proposals in more than 90 cities or counties around the nation prohibiting landlords from leasing to illegal immigrants, penalizing businesses that employ them or training police to enforce immigration laws.

In defiance of the law. I hear the dominos begin to fall.

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Tom, would you please add another amendment to the House Appropriations Bill to cut off all federal monies to the city of New Haven in response to the city's decision to give ID cards to illegal aliens? This city needs to feel the heat of our anger. Thank you for everything you're doing to Save America.

Mayor John DeStefano and anyone else involved in this should be arrested and sent to Federal Prison. This action is violating the LAW. Aiding and abetting criminals is against the LAW. Which is exactly what DeSefano is doing by GIVING community services to these ILLEGAL aliens. If this stands uncorrected, our LAWS mean nothing.

Bay Buchanan said Tom has become a much better campaigner, however I wish Tom would consider entering the Colorado Republican Senate primary. After all Tancredo raised considerably more in the last quarter than the current Republican Senate candidate.

Chris Baker from Maine: Some people have speculated that Congressman Tancredo's real intent with running for President is that he will gain notoriety to run for the Senate. This *may* have been true, but it better not *be* true, because WE THE PEOPLE need President Tom Tancredo! Yes, certainly, it would be good (if he doesn't get the Republican nomination) if he became a Colorado Senator. However, WE THE PEOPLE need him in the White House!

CaliforniaDreamer: I like your suggestion and I hope that Congressman Tancredo will get on that. I hope everyone is signed up on NumbersUSA. They sent out an alert today about an amendment proposed by Tancredo, asking to call your Representative at the switch board in DC and tell your Congressman to support Tancredo's amendment.

Mr. Tate: I want you and Congressman Tancredo to know that I did call the switch board in support of Tancredo's amendment. Perhaps you should make posts on the blog about all legislation and amendments that Congressman Tancredo proposes, to raise awareness and help people to contact their Senators and Congressman in support? Yes, No?


The legislation right now is more of a Congressional issue than it is a presidential campaign issue. But, whenever I know more, I make sure to update the blog on it.

Mr. Tate, thanks. I kinda figured that, but, I thought I would ask anyway since I know that You posted his OVERDUE legislation information (which could be considered a "Congressional issue" rather than a "presidential campaign issue." In other words, I think that anything positive he is doing, personally or professionally is probably worthy of being on the blog. But, I understand if you don't want to post everything. It could get tiring, if you posted every action. :-)

When are they just going to ENFORCE THE LAW!!!

Mr. Tate, what is the difference between the amendment that Congressman Tancredo offered to H.R. 3093 and the one that Congressman Hunter offered, which was passed for H.R. 3074? I am confused. I thought Tancredo's amendment was crucial, but it appears that Hunter beat Tancredo to it? I am curious what this all means. Here's the details:

H.AMDT.630 (A034)
Amends: H.R.3074
Sponsor: Rep Hunter, Duncan [CA-52] (offered 7/24/2007)

An amendment prohibiting the use of funds to participate in a working group pursuant to the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

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