20 July 2007 at 4:50 PM EST

Immigration Update: Continental Divide

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Could our nation increasingly look like a medieval landscape of towns that enforce federal immigration laws and those that ignore it?

New Haven is now handing out ID cards to illegal aliens, in hopes of integrating them into the community.

The idea: integrate illegal immigrants into the community, protect them from crime that can happen because of a lack of documentation, and encourage them to be more willing to report crimes to police. Reaction to the first-of-a-kind program has been swift and sharp, illustrating the wide divide in US public opinion over the issue.

Different from New Haven are Virginia's Prince William and Loudoun Counties and Waukegan, Illinois.

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I guess we should be surprised at this. Cincinnati was also giving them drivers licenses at the advice of John Cranley who was on council and even pandered to the illegals when they were waving Mexican flags in the streets of cincinnati. I guess they can finally have their own identities that they didn't have to steal.

Well In Texas Bank of America has agreed to let them open up accounts.What ever happened to the Federal Law being the Law period? yet if A Legal or American citizen was to try even 1/2 of what the Illegals do....they'd be putting us under the jail.

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