26 July 2007 at 3:28 PM EST

Hazleton Ordinance Goes Down in Flames

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Fresh from the AP (via MSNBC):

A federal judge on Thursday struck down the city of Hazleton's tough crackdown on illegal immigrants, ruling unconstitutional a law that has been emulated by towns and cities around the United States.

Immigration is a federal issue. So, to reform the immigration system, Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta could use this as a reason to get into Congress -- something he gives "serious consideration."

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Hazelton PA tried to do the right thing with local laws restricting illegal aliens. The House of Representatives had seen this particular court intervention coming all along. I saw it in the news on several occasions. It is Lawmakers vs Courts-that-want-to-make-law.
Passed to rescue border agents treated unfairly by a court, the most recent Tancredo Amendment was an overwhelming and unanimous response by the House of Representatives. Tom, you're an A+ educator, and your new Iowa ad is timely, clear, concise and absolutely needed.
The press is not as liberal as they once were. Illegal alien problems have shaken them up. They will listen to us more now, and often support us. Talk radio supports us. Callers are disgruntled because they are facing epidemic problems promoted by the illegal alien invasion. They support us. The more we talk to the free press about the massive invasion of school dropouts, the more they will listen.
There must be many judges that would like to see existing laws against illegal aliens enforced. If towns near such judges would pass Hazelton-like laws, they would be less likely to favor lawbreakers by striking them down . It is unreasonable to let one judge discourage us.
We are on the right side of the most letter-supported issue of our times. When hundreds of thousands of Latinos were demonstrating for their cause, public letters to the US Congress soared. Though it took hours, I checked 50-75 US Congress sites. The letters against illegal aliens were running 9 to 1. And at every web site, the numbers of letters on this issue greatly outnumbered everything else. I have never seen anything like this, and it made me proud to be a literate, non-bilingual, American.
For years the "open border people" have been using sneaky amendments to further their agenda. Nice to see us strike back so successfully. Congratulations Tom! Your campaign, "Leading the Fight Against Amnesty," has always had many mainstream supporters. The issue of the illegal aliens creates and intensifies many societal ills that traditional social conservatives have battled. If the Congress continues to listen, more and more people will express themselves by insisting on change. Sending aliens back is actually much simpler than providing trillions in welfare, retirement and education funding for them.
You're plan to deny them jobs is the clearest way to make them homesick. When they get letters from home asking why they cannot send money, then the pressures of joblessness will lure them back. I'm sure voters here would like to know what Mexico will do for those returning. We expect Iraq to do more. We should expect Mexico to handle returnees, and make it clear to them that we want it done right. Above all we don't want to be blamed for the situation.
I always like when you discuss denying illegals jobs. In my mind, it is a real vote-getting topic. Ted K characterized blocking amnesty as negative. He said we offer nothing positive. But what about hospitals saved from bankruptcy, jobs for millions, no crime epidemics, AND education without a massive dropout problem politicizing our school populations. All these things are very positive.

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