26 July 2007 at 1:55 PM EST

Amnesty Politician: Mitt Romney

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I certainly will NOT vote for Mitt Romney, I've had enough of both parties trying to push amnesty on the American people. It seems like Tom Tancredo is the only one who understands that we need to secure our border, deport those who break out laws not reward them with amnesty and go after any business person that hires illegal aliens. English should also be the official language of the United States, many other countries have English has their official langauge so why not us? For years now both Democrats and Republicans have gone against the will of the American people on these issues but Tom Tancredo is different because he gets it and he is not afraid to say it. It's time to put America first and stop selling out our country to cheap labor. Lou Dobbs on CNN also often speaks about the problems of illegal immigration and it's a shame that very few in congress are listening when Lou is speaking for millions of Americans. I am however pleased that Tom Tancredo is listening and willing to do something about the problem with illegal immigration and border security. The question now is will any other members of the house and senate follow Mr. Tancredo's lead? One of the major reasons the congress approval rating is so low is because both sides
have refused to secure our border and stop illegal immigration. Lou Dobbs was reading some letters from his viewers and quite a few have switched themselves to Independent over the this issue. Both sides, Democrats and Republicans need to work together to put Americans first on border security and the problem with illegal immigration. I hope that others will follow Tom Tancredo's good example on this important issue.

Fact: Mitt Romney got fabulously wealthy by creating a Venture Capital Empire. How did he amass over 200M dollars? With the tactic of Acquire and Fire. He took failing businesses, fired many people to cut expenses, and made these ventures profitable.

This works. Ask Donald Trump. Still, the public doesn't ordinarily like those who make money from the misery of others. Donald has fallen on hard times.

Mitt will not readily follow him though. But he does look overconfident, and he's playing the charisma thing. Kennedy was very charismatic, but he led us into Vietnam. Massachusetts gave us Kerry last time. Why nominate another presidential candidate from the same state so soon?
Explain this Mitt?

So Mitt's fortune was made by eliminating jobs in the private sector. What Republican politician advocates this and gets elected? This is fundamentally a very bad credential for Mitt. Since he is leading in polls so much, he should be called on the carpet for it. Tell us about the job you want, Mitt!

Tom should feel more relaxed about the vulnerability of foes. In broadening his appeal, he no longer needs to sell just his conservatism. This he has done very well. His insiders knowledge of Department of Education puts him in a good position to deal with huge educational problems due to the open border policy. He needs a catchy phrase though. What about labeling the problem "The Dropouts Invasion!"

Example criticism: Democrats have always advocated spending tons on education. Yet by sponsoring a "Dropouts Invasion," with well over 10 million illegal alien school dropouts in it, they are ruining our educational system.

Example criticism: Mr Bush wants to legalize aliens with amnesty. A talk show comic told him that if his administration creates 10 million naturalized US dropouts, he would have people who'd take jobs that illegal aliens won't do.

The only person that is even remotely makes sense regarding the problems regarding Illegal Immigration is
Rep. Tom Tancredo! All then other candidiates, both Republican and Democrat are committed to giving our country away to illegal. It's bad enough that the corporations have out-sourced most of our jobs, now the
candidates want illegal aliens to take the few jobs that are left! Soon, America will be a third world country much like India was a decade ago. It is a shame that our
politicians that are supposed to represent the needs of the citizens of the US, really only want to cater to special interest groups.

Most if not all except for Tom Tancredo, have plainly said, they will give Illegals Citizenship when they are elected,they have said this over and over with what they say and do, for example Hillary/Obamba at the LaRaza convention last month. LaRaza. Aclu,etc. should all be closed for good for going against the american people, in the early years you would of never tollerated a group Like LaRaza or the Aclu. They actually come right out and say, they are for the Illegals, who come in here and take our jobs, and services and benefits, and Hillary and Obamba should of stop that in its tracks, but they did not, what does this tell us about them?
I hope that the American People will finally see this come election time. If they don't and elect Hillary/Obama/Rommey or any other canidate Other than Tom Tancredo/& Paul/, we are in for another 4-8 year fight for our jobs, hospitals, schools, welfare. All other canidates just want to give all this away.

We have to be very careful and tell anyone who says anything negative about Tancredo/Paul to stop this and that it is not right if we don't tell them to stop, they will play up Hillary/Obamba in the headlines.

Tom Tancredo is the only candidate from either party who has border security, immigration control, and national sovereignty at the top of their agenda. If you follow him you can see easily that he is by no means a "one trick pony" or "one string banjo" or "one issue candidate". He has positions on other issues as well, like tax reform and reducing the size of government, and detering terrostist threats.

IMO Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are the only candidates with a message that appeals to conservative voters who have been staying away from the polls because they have nothing to vote FOR. Unless someone like Tom gets the nomination, I believe we are going to see a larger gop turnout in the primary elections than we will in the general election. The lesser of evils is not going to get them there in '08.

We must keep Tom Tancredo in this race by giving him a good showing at the Iowa Straw Polls on August 11.

Prayers from Oklahoma.

wow! yippee! I just read on a forum that all of them will be voting for Tom Tancredo, and this is just one forum, it must be because he is not going to the spanish debate and all the others are. I am not sure of this but something has changed. Sen Tom Tancredo, stay until the last minute, Things are changing because people are waking up, all the other candidates are for some immigration and Tom is not! and people are changing. This is great!

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