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1000 comments mark. Hit today. Nice job and thanks for reading and commenting! The readership of this blog grows daily.

Tancredo Typepad 1000 Comments

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I am a big Tancredo supporter.I think that Mr. Tancredo,is one of only 3 true conservatives in the race,and of the 3 the only one with any chance of winning.I would like to ask ALL of the Texas people reading to join with me in urging the Congressman to come to Ft. Worth the end of August for the Republican straw poll.

Praying diligently for our nation and Tom's success. The only candidate with border security, national sovereignty and immigration control at the top of his agenda.


I am also a huge Tancredo supporter here in Iowa and I urge all Iowans for Tancredo to call your family and friends and recruit them to attend the Republican straw poll on Aug. 11. in Ames. Please...... everyone must do their part in recuriting others! Get involved, talk to your neighbors, family and friends. I have a Tancredo sign on my SUV and you wouldn't believe how many people ask me about him whereever I go. The more people that hear about Tom Tancredo, the more people that will jump on board and support him. I believe in Tancredo!

My family and I are very much looking forward to attending the Iowa straw poll August 11th in support of Tom. America needs a man like Tom to restore the values and AMERICAN culture to our country. Tancredo all the way to Washington! We are pulling for you Tom.You are the MAN!

I again read about Tom's brilliant idea to deter Islamists. The H-Bombing of Mecca and Medina will be the only way to effectively deter them. These Islamists must visit Mecca, at least once in their life, and kill at least one infidel to enter heaven. They must do both! Eliminating Mecca and leaving it covered in a thousand years worth of highly radioactive plutonium solves the entire problem. Other than that we are all marked for death by Islamists.

America entered into Iraq and Afghanistan and killing innocent people everyday but nobody is raising voice against this terrorism and no Muslim country ever said that Muslims should attack Vatican City. How dare America’s leader Tom is who said that they will attack Makkeh and Madinah.
This is an open fact everybody knows that America encouraged Islamic fundamentalist groups in the name of Jihad in Afghanistan and used these groups in the war against Russia when this was over and America won that War now America wants to crush them but this is not that easy because these groups developed their roots. Similarly, America used Saddam to crush Iran and when this mission fulfilled he was killed and Iraq still paying the price. In the same way, Pakistan always favoured America, in wartime these fundamentalist groups were called Mujahideen and fully supported by both the governments and now they suddenly become terrorists and both of them want to kill them. This is not a fare game which is played by America with the help of poor Muslim countries leaders because millions of innocent people’s lives are involved in this and America’s leaders should be prepared to face the consequences of those actions which they are taking in these poor and helpless countries.
The thing is the whole world does not belong to America its leaders should realise now, and instead of evading poor countries who cannot stop them, they should care about their own people because if Muslim community start thinking on the same lines as America’s leaders are it will end up into an endless chain of destructions that will never stop and this will affect the whole humanity so Tom you should apologise from the whole Muslim community who is not terrorist at all.

To a friend of Tancredo,

Muslims have killed Jews and Christians since Muhammad took his terrorist Army and invaded peaceful villages. He mandated slaughter, rape or conversion. Slaughter, by beheading, and rape of newly widowed Jewish or Christian women were most often the rule through his action and direction

As you know, Muhammad severed the heads of 600 "innocent civilian" Quaryza Jewish men, enslaved their "innocent civilian" orphaned children and raped an "innocent civilian" widow named Rayhana. However, before he forced his magnificent presence on her, he graciously allowed her to mourn in his tent for 30 days, washed her up, applied the appropriate oils and then raped her repeatedly for many years.

Unless all Muslims repudiate their Prophet's actions and mandates, a Mecca and Medina plan must be implemented.

To allow all other religions to live in peace within and outside Islamic borders does not seem to be too much to ask. The Holy Bible in the hands of any person within any area of Saudi Arabia would be a good start.

Perhaps "Tom" should make suggestions to fix the Katrina-damaged Gulf Coast instead of deciding to cut off funding, which will only lead to greater poverty in this region and cost tax payers even more money in the long run. If that is his solution to long running problems, then he is not the man to run our country.

I apologize if this question has already been answered somwhere. I have been looking and looking for a video of Tom's speech at the Iowa straw poll. I have seen people on other sites (e.g., youtube), ask about it, too. Was the speech taped? Would you post it? It sounds like that would be a good one to introduce others to Tom.


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