05 June 2007 at 8:51 PM EST

The American Contemplation

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What does it mean to be an American? Tancredo had a GREAT answer.

*** post-debate transcript insertion ***

MS. VAUGHN: Erin Gardner’s here with us tonight. Erin, you live in the Gate City, Nashua, New Hampshire.

Q Yes, I do.

MS. VAUGHN: What is your question tonight?

Q With regards to illegal and legal immigration, in your opinion, what does it mean to be an American? What are the tangible and intangible attributes of an American?

MS. VAUGHN: Congressman Tancredo.

REP. TANCREDO: It means, number one, cut from the past. If you come here as an immigrant, great. Welcome. If you come here legally, welcome. It means you cut your ties with the past, familial — especially political ties with the country from which you came.

But let’s be serious about this, you guys. We talk about all the immigration reform we want, and what it’s got to get down to is this: Are we ready for a timeout? Are we actually ready to say, “Enough is enough”? We have to stop all legal immigration except for the — for people coming into this country as family members, immediate family members, and/or refugees. Are we willing to actually say that and say enough — is it — we have got to actually begin the process of assimilating people who have come in this great wave of immigration. The process of assimilation is not going on.

And how long? How long will it take us for that — for us to catch up with the millions of people who have come here, both legally and illegally, and assimilate them? I’ll tell you this. It’ll take this long: until we no longer have to press 1 for English and 2 for any other language. (Applause.)

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Yeah, I really liked his answer too. I definitely think he did well in this debate WHEN given the chance to speak. It is unfortunate that certain other candidates push on after their fair share of time. I wish the American people could here more from Tancredo during these debates. The only debate where I feel Tom was given fair amount of time was FOX. I have been forwarding several You Tube videos and information on Tancredo to all my friends and family in hopese to generate more attention to him. God bless Tom for everything he's doing for AMERICA and to preserve our great country.

Awesome job in the debate. Keep up the good fight about illegal immigration. Any bill with Ted Kennedy's name in it has to be bad.

Trancredo's true character came through tonight. He proved he's a racist and an ignorant fool. I can't believe that some people would even contemplate electing into the executive office someone who does not embrace diversity and whom continuously preaches discrimination as a value. He should ashamed. The only reason he's allowed to run for President is because Americans who spoke English as well as many who spoke other languages, gave their lives to protect his right to run for office.
I'm a 100% American who very proudly served our country and twice took the oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Just like me there has been hundreds of thousands Puerto Ricans, who's first language is Spanish, whom were willing to give everything for their country. With his comments tonight, Trancredo has shamefully insulted thousands of Americans Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines of Spanish ancestry who have made the optimal sacrifice in every war since World War I.
Shame on you, Trancredo.

As a moderate voter and as someone who is still looking for the right candidate for the '08 battle, I have taken Mr. Tancredo off my list. He was arrogant, rude, and by all acounts, out of place with the rest of the field of candidates.

Mr. Tancredo- Your wasting your time and your money!

Also - as a resident of Miami, FL, you should be ashamed as to what you said about hispanics and of what you said about Miami being a 3rd world country! Just because us folks here in Miami have cultural diversity and your town in Colorado doesn't, shouldn't allow you to say such disgusting things about Floridians and residents of Miami for that matter. I certainly don't expect you to do well with the hispanic vote, sir...or in the state of Florida especially!

Shame on you - Move on! Your wasting your time.



Bravo! I watched the debate tonight and you beat the chops off the other wannabes. I like how all they have to do is open the door and you storm through with all guns blazing. I was also impressed how many call ins support you for the presidential nomination. Awesome. Remember when they called you the long shot? I guess they underestimated just how long its been since this country has seen a "no bullshit" candidate step up.
A suggestion. I think Sessions is on the right track. I also think Kyl has the right way of thinking, but hes not on the right track with it. He seems to be going along against his better judgement. There are other disguished gentlemen that I cannot recall their names. But, so far none of them nor anyone else has come out and flat stated that the whole problem with this bill or the train of thought amongst them all is that we the people do NOT want the existing illegals in our country to get any kind of approval to stay. No instant cards of any kind. And we are sick and tired of hearing the same lying rhetoric about how its too expensive to deport all 20M of them. They really are playing stupid and none of us are falling for it. They need to start paying attention. Take away the bi-linguality in our nation and stop catering to them in their language and they will have no choice but to leave. No ability to communicate and its adios. That wouldnt cost billions of dollars to accomplish. And fine the hell out of the employers. The other thing is this line of crap their dishing out about offering all of these jobs they are doing now to us first at the existing rates of pay. We all know that the existing rates of pay are below minimum wage. Of course, no upstanding American will go for that. But, get rid of the mexican and the employer will have to raise the wage, then the American will be there. So far, the Sessions camp has found so many loopholes letting everyone off the hook from the so called teeth in the bill that it draws into question how many loops and holes are in the brains of Kennedy, Salazar, Kyl and all the others involved in this scam.
I have an amendment for you to try and find a Senator to present. Strike from the verbage regarding the method of payment for the Z visa where it says they can make payments. They should have to pay it all up front, otherwise we wont see a dime and they will get the damn visa anyway. Remember, these people are thieves and murderers. Common criminals. Or they wouldnt be here illegally.
I also have a mandate. If does not appear that you and your colleagues can get this bill put down, I respectfully ask that all of you gang up and fillibuster. It was said that if you go there, the bill will get thrown out. Then a true bill can be drafted and presented for debate that will be true to its form, concise and direct with no loopholes and no amnesty. A bill that will not only address the issue of national security, but also eliminating all of the bi-linguality in our nation and start bringing America back around to self rather than everyone else.
One senator made a comment about this whole thing being about liberty and justice for all, but he forgot the part in the preamble to the constitution where it speaks of justice, tranquility, defence and welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty...to OURSELVES and our posterity. Posterity is defined in Websters dictionary as: all succeeding generations. This spells it out pretty damn clear. This country and all that it stands for was meant by the founding fathers to be ours and ours alone FIRST. We, the posterity of our forefathers, were to reap the rewards of citizenship before anyone else. It was never meant to be given away to a horde of squatting mexicans.
There was one illegal call in from Modesto. She was really pissed off whining about whos out in the fields picking the grapes or the vegetables. I tried to call in and comment but the lines were all tied up. My response would have been that she has no right to call in ragging us. She is the invader. This is our country and we are the ones who have fought and sacrificed and died to make it what it is for ourselves, not for her. And in my opinion she needs to know her place and shut up or go back to mexico and fight to make her own country what she wants it to be. I hope she reads this.

I have a response to Ramon from Puerto Rico. Maybe you would like to renounce your citizenship and go back there, eh? Unlike native born Americans with a birthright to this country, it seems you miss the point of what Tom is saying. Hes no racist. You, on the other hand, may be. Or you wouldnt be so quick to jump on the racism bandwagon. No one cares what language you speak in your home or on your time. The concern is about the fact that we speak English here, not spanish. This isnt Puerto Rico pal. Nor is it mexico or spain or india or china. To be an American is NOT to be a Puerto Rican or a mexican. To be an American is to blend into OUR society, not try to bring yours to us. If you cant do that, then it must not have been so bad where you came from and you should go back and be happy. But dont play that stupid crap just because you have "rights" now. The biggest thing about being American is knowing how to handle those rights and being responsible with them. Not acting a fool because you have them.

Why is it that those who object to the idea of prohibiting immigration to anyone,whether it's legal or illegal,always claim it's a racist idea? The citizens of this country have EVERY right to deny entry to anyone, regardless of race, origin, or any other factor! This is OUR country, and there is nothing racist about protecting one's way of life! There is nothing more basic than this!


I have a response for M.L. from Florida. I believe the shame is all yours pal. Tom was correct in his analogy of Florida being like a third world country. This is what happens when you have enough refugees and illegals there that have no intention of assimilating in America as Americans, which is the point to coming here, I would think. Instead, they themselves come here from what is considered in the industrialized world as third world countries. In your case that would be Cuba and mexico. You should have taken what Tom said as a wake up call. People that cant do any better than to take what isnt theirs and then turn into something nasty such as where the ran from are not the types of people we want here. Hmmmmm, let me guess, M.L. must stand for Manuel Lopez, right? I guess youre more pissed off that you are the way you are than about what Tom said. Your state isnt the only one on that list of third world appearances. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and S. California are there too. So get off your high horse. You and yours probably werent across the border when we last had a presidential candidate that was straight forward, blunt and outspoken to the point directly about the nature of our issues. You must be used to the polished up bullcrap that weve had lately. Tom Tancredo is the man that most closely represents every native born American and our attitudes, too. I suggest you get used to it because its all your gonna get from now on.

This is to the manager on this blog. Please do not post. I just want to say that I support Tom 200%. I also believe in everything I say here and am passionate about my beliefs on this issue. I dont think its good to stifle or pick and choose the comments that get made here. I read what those others said and I had something to say back. Its only right that I should get my chance to be heard. I ask that you not censur my posts and that you post them. I believe Tom would want my voice to be heard here. Thank you.

In response to Ramone, unless you are a native American, then you are not "100% American" I appreciate your service to this country, but you have missed the point! You are obviously legal, a citizen, and have assimilated. Are you defending those who have not made the effort you have?

"Assimilated" seems to be the great divide here. Everyone is proud of their heritage! That isn't the question. Are you willing to be an "American"? That is the question!

I share some of the same concerns as Mr. Tancredo. The ability to speak multiple languages is good for an individual but for a country it is dangerous. Our neighbors in Canada are already two distinctive countries, on that speaks English and the other French. People need to be able to communicate with each other to know each other. He is the one candidate that treats all Americans as Americans and not just as distinct voting blocks. People need to take pride in their accomplishments and not what they have been given by God. I am grateful for being an American and it is a privilege. It is what we choose to do with this gift that defines us. Fight the urge to say, I am proud to be black, hispanic, white, asian. This is not what defines a person. And do not let any politician say you have to vote for someone of the same race. That will remove all possibility of a colorblind society.

Tom was spot-on. Sorry, Ramon and M.L., but you sound like people who need lessons on what being an American is. Americans, if they actually ARE Americans, are completely loyal to this country, rather than remaining obsessed with their ethnic background and maintaining an allegiance to that. Because we are so afraid of offending such people as you, we have the situation as it stands today: everyone is some kind of hyphenated American, which, according to Theodore Roosevelt, is not an American at all, and has created his predicted "squabbling knot of nationalities." My ancestors are from Europe, but I don't call myself a "European-American." Just plain American is good enough for me, and it should be good enough for you, too. This country's culture has almost been destroyed in the name of "cultural diversity," and "racism" is dishonestly pulled out of the hat every time someone doesn't like the message. Mr. Tancredo is on the money with his opinions and it's my sincere wish that you do away with the specious charges of "racism" (Hispanics are actually classified as Caucasians, by the way, so that's ridiculous) and think about what he's saying.

Tom, great job, and thanks.


"Warmly"?? Such a disingenuous word used by someone who has obviously learned the skill well from the pro-illegal-immigration lobby. (Among whom there are well-paid leaders, who couldn't care less about America....only their jobs). M.L., mark this and mark it well: if you think we will ever, ever, ever back down on this, you have obviously never learned a single thing about the (often-underestimated) resolve and will of the American people, when under attack. We'll win. Full stop.
As to Mr. Fontaine, you obviosly learned your lessons from Joe McCarthy. Can't argue the issue itself, so slander the opponent. Your accusations have become so mind-numbingly monotonous and predictable that they are not worthy of any extra characters in this post.
(But thank you for your military service anyways).

Bravo, Tom. He and Duncan Hunter would make an excellent team. They're the only real Conservatives running. I hope, honestly and sincerely, that if Tom doesn't get the nomination, he'll consider a third party run, such as with the Constitution Party.

Frankly, folks, win or lose, the message about the illegal invasion that is killing our country HAS to be gotten out.

I am not a registered Republican, but am interested in learning about all the candidates. I was absolutely appalled at Tom Tancredo's position on immigration and the English language. Non-christian, non-societal good, non-intelligent!!

Tom is one of the first candidates with some actual air time to call for what the vast majority of Americans want: a reduction in all immigration, both legal and illegal. Bravo for your courage.

Don't let the cuckolds' cry of "racist" cow you, Tom; keep up the good work. And here's a quick anthropology lesson for the ill-informed: "Hispanic" is not a race, it's a loose classification of people cobbled together from a laundry list of shared linguistic, cultural, and geographical characteristics. Not all Spanish-speakers are Hispanic, nor are all English-speakers white, so expecting that all people in one country adopt a common language for commerce and communication is not racist, it is a concession to the realities of nationhood.

As someone who is a born-again Christian, a reasonably intelligent man, who cares about society, and who lives in Florida, let me say this -- Tom is dead on. I have lived in Florida for many years and everyone here knows that English is the secondary language of Miami. Yes, even liberal Democrats have admitted it.

Floridians have watched people get fired for not knowing Spanish. Floridians have watched Walt Disney World turn to bilingual park announcements. Floridians have suffered a slow replacement of Floridian, Southern, and American culture with a foreign culture, like a cancer. As we have been busy about our day jobs, it has spread up from Miami even into the northernmost reaches of the state. Yes, even as far north as Jacksonville, there are Spanish-only grocery stores and Spanish-only radio stations.

Every nation has its own culture; to pretend that America has no culture is not only ahistorical, but unreal. Why do you visit other nations? To experience THEIR CULTURE. From a Christian perspective, this nation and its culture are gifts; it is not only our temporal responsibility, but our sacred duty to preserve them for future generations.

I will say this in closing -- if your theology prevents you from preserving the unique culture of your homeland, then you are aiding the barbarian hordes. I am certain that the same type of people thought they were doing well for Rome. We all know how that turned out, don't we?

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