01 June 2007 at 10:26 AM EST

Tancredo's Take Round 3 - Ask Here

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Let's do this again. I'll leave this up for a few weeks while some great questions pile up. For those of you new to this, here's how it works: ask a question (anything, really!) -- preferably, via video -- and then the Tanc will answer via YouTube.

edit: i'm featuring this post now at the top of the page. for those new to reading the blog, tancredo's take is where YOU ask questions and Tancredo responds.

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Will Tancredo keep the United States out of long never-ending wars and take a non-intervention approach to foriegn policy?
And does Tancredo believe we should be part of the United Nations?

What is Senator Tancredo's stance on the North American Union and what can he tell us about the sell-off of our highways to foreign countries? Specifically I35 to Spain.

Does Tom ever point out that one of the biggest reasons given for continuing to allow illegal immigration(i.e. that as distasteful as it is, our economy depends on it) was EXACTLY the same reason given for the continuation of SLAVERY in this country for 100 years??
Not very great company for an argument to keep...

Obviously securing our borders is #1. What will Tom do to inspect more shipments into the US via cargo ship and plane?

What is Congressman Tancredo's personal faith and/or testimony? How does that faith impact your public life?

Does Tom believe that one's personal life or character influence job performance? Specifically, if a person unrepentantly practices the homosexual lifestyle, couldn't that be considered immoral. And wouldn't the unhealthy ideology by its very nature influence the work output and quality of such a person? Thanks, you've got my vote already.

Mr.thomas on the stem cell vote if you are a christian
the simple answer you should give is no,because for it is written,their are many antichrist in the world.

"Outrage" is a new book that may provide Tom with more targets and more elements in his presidential strategy.

Go Tom!!!

Congressman, what do you think about trying to address the issue of birthright citizenship using section 5 of the 14th amendment? For those that don't want to look it up it states: Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. This seems like a perfect way to introduce legislation to define that in order for the 14th amendment to apply you need to be a "Legal Resident".

Why hasn't anyone raised the issues of the "health crisis" illegal immigrants bring to this country, including diseases they are not inoculated against, the threat to our health from these people working within our food industries (were the tainted spinach and lettuce outbreaks due to such illegals working those farms?) in addition to the strain to our health care system previously mentioned?

Tom, that is an excellent point. I was an immigrant many, many years ago and am now a proud United States Citizen. When my parents moved here we did all the things you were supposed to and I remember vividly getting all the required vacinations (kind of scary when you are a 5) and having to make sure we were healthy before entering the country. My father had a job, we spoke english and we never took a handout from anyone. In fact the very idea of that was abhorrent. We'd rather eat grass in the backyard than look for a handout. That is the basis of my question. How can we remove the "entitlement" mentality that this country currently has? No one seems to want to work for anything anymore.

Congressman Tancredo,

I am strongly encouraged by your stance on many issues you have taken however I would like to see some additional details. If elected President how/when would you address:
A. The U.S.' pull out from Afghanastan & Iraq. (When will you have us out by?)
2. Balancing the US budget and starting to make a dent in the national debt. (How would you deal with a congress which refuses to stop spending more than they take in?)
3. Address the millions of illeagal immigrants currently in the U.S. (it is not practical to "round em' all up" & ship them out.)
4. Lock down our borders (what would you do to make sure that problem #3 above does not become a recurring issue?)

Thank you Congressman and good luck in your campaign.

Tom - I'm not sure where You stand on the war on terror, but I know You have guts. What do You think of this: Extreme muslim terrorist will use our freedoms to kill us. Why not use their "religion" against them. Every other bullet/bomb our soldiers use could be dipped in pig's blood. Or every 5th one or 10th one. Let it be known !! Also, if our homeland is ever attack again as on 9/11 - the country/countries or peoples responsible can expect bullets/bombs to be so dipped !! Let's win this war on terror and bring our soldiers home !!

How do we find out how Tom answers the above questions/comments ??

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