27 June 2007 at 11:13 AM EST

Tancredo's Take Round 4 - Taking Questions

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Tancredo's Take Round 3 has ended. Round 4 starts now! Remember how it works: Ask questions to The Tanc and in a few weeks he'll go through and answer the important ones.

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My question is: Why is a home phone number required in order to make a contribution to the campaign? Thank you.

To Mr. Tom Tancredo,

I have no question, just a comment:

Your public statement on the importance of hearing all views, however different, illustrated by your approval of Ron Paul for participation in future debates, is deeply appreciated. Not because I particularly like or agree with Ron Paul, but because you are giving credence and respect to someone with differing views from your own.

It gives me hope that there are still people in government who believe in the checks and balances philosophy our government was founded on.

Thank you.

Best regards,


1. What is your viewpoint about Israel?
2. Are you a CFR member?
3. Are you going to come to Texas?

Thank you very much for your replys.


When is Tom Tancredo going to introduce or re-introduce English as our official language in America? That would be the next step!!

Congressman Tancredo:

What is your position on Foreign Aid?

Thank you,


I specifically donated money when you promised to find primary challengers for all those congressmen who voted for amnesty. I want to know if you plan to have the conservative movement "produce" candidates to challenge those treasonous buggers and get their voice out of washington.

Thank you,

I am a new voter in this country and have lived 18 years without having the ability to promote change. As a former student in a school where there was abuse of power, I would like to see a Board of Education with the power to oust those who would advance themselves at the expense of the children. I think that on most of the issues, you have the right point of view, and something that other politicians do not have: the guts to express it. You have my vote for 2008, Tancredo.


Congressman Tancredo,
I have a comment.

May I suggest that you co-sponsor Rep. Mike Pence's Broadcaster Freedom Act? If you do, you will instantly have the love of every talk show host on talk radio.
That could be a huge boost.

Think about it.


I agree with the previous poster, support the Broadcaster Freedom Act that Rep. Pence has put forth!
Where are the Tancredo For A Secure America bumper stickers and yard signs available at?

Congressman Tancredo:
I received this letter from a friend.......I thought I would share it with you. This is the sentiment of the majority. Bush has degraded my natural born citizenship. He has ruined this country. U.S. citizens are treated like second class citizens and illegals get better treatment than we do. Please read the letter below.

One other question I have........
How can our legislative branch take a summer recess when our soldiers are dying everyday and they get no recess from the wages of war? They have to serve extended tours. They are being murdered everyday.
I am ashamed of my government and my president....
Thank you for your time.
Karen W.
Aurora/Registered Voter

Going to Court in Colorado

This is an experience that happened to my wife recently.
April 1, 2007, in Denver County Traffic Court, Denver, Colorado
She had to appear in traffic court as a result of a speeding ticket. She was speeding and knew she would have a fine to pay. We never questioned the necessity of doing so. The rest of the court experience, however, is something we should all stand up and take exception to and ask: "what is happening to the United States? What can we do to change this?"

She was asked to be in court by 4:30PM, with which she complied. She took unpaid time off from her job to do so. However, when she got there, it was announced that all non-English speaking persons with traffic violations would be taken care of first. The reason given was that the interpreter leaves every day at the same time and does not stay late. So the reward for not speaking English is that one gets to go the front of the line.

Most of the non-English speaking individuals did not have driver's licenses or insurance, both of which are against the law in Colorado. The judge never asked why they did not have licenses, nor what they were doing to get licenses or insurance before driving again. No, what they were given for driving without a license was a $35 fine. $35.00!! Since many of them did not have $35 they were also given payment terms. So, they were granted another reward for not having the money to pay the fines. Many illegal immigrants simply disappear and never pay a penny of a fine. Easy to do when you aren't supposed to be here in the first place. Hard to do when you have a listed address and a job.

My wife, who was born in Denver, Colorado, raised here, and lived here all her life, was given a $249 fine for her speeding ticket, was not given payment terms, and had to wait until all the non-English-speaking, probably mostly illegal immigrants (no one asked, yet this too is against the law) were treated first.

If I understand this correctly, it appears that the courts of America have these goals:
* Let's never require the non -English speaking individuals who live in this country to learn English; it is our duty to accommodate them by providing translators and placing them in the front of the line.

* Let's never require that people here illegally become tax paying, English-speaking citizens of the United States of America. We won't ask if they are legal citizens, and they don't have to tell.

* Let's just give them a token small punishment if they drive without driver's licenses and pray they never kill someone on the road with their driving, quite likely since they haven't been required to pass a driver's test nor have their cars checked for safe operation.

*Let's give them another little slap on the wrist if they don't want to get automobile insurance; all of those who do have the required coverage will get to pay higher and higher premiums to cover the costs of the damage those who don't cause when they have accidents but can't pay.
* Let's make sure that those who do get injured by these uninsured individuals pay higher and higher health insurance premiums also, which will help cover the illegal family's free medical care at our hospitals,clinics and emergency rooms.
* Let's make sure that those who can pay their fines, pay big ones to subsidize all those $35 fines available for payment on payment plans (but not offer these plans to English speaking, legal Americans.)

* Let's make sure we never inconvenience those who don't speak English and let's especially never inconvenience the interpreters in this country by requiring them work late. American citizens can just wait, even if they had to take unpaid time off work to come to court or pay someone to pick up their children at daycare. They don't deserve special treatment.

The principles that have guided our Country are obviously eroding every day right before our eyes. My wife's court experience is just one example. How many more will you all have to endure before it is too many?

No country in the world has ever survived having 2 major languages. Eventually the two sides turn against each other to obtain dominance for their culture. We are traveling down that path; will anyone have the courage to stop it?

John DiNardo
14476 East Caley Ave.
Aurora, Colorado 80016

No question, but a comment regarding the statement from Mr. DiNardo: I believe it is even much worse than what is outlined. Not only do our illegal aliens work outside the law and receive what could be considered perferencial treatment in court, but there is also the issue of the "undocumented" buying homes and otherwise using our Nation's financial structure. Since banks do not have to verify citizenship, we now have a self-supporting, self-propagating, separate culture of non-citizens working within our Nation. They do not play by our rules, do not pay for health insurance or court interpreters, etc., yet are able to use the system to build their own individual and corporate wealth. They have supporters in many communities and also within our Political establishment. I admit that I do not have any more evidence than that which is read in the paper or on the internet, but the bottom line is that I agree with Mr. DiNardo's last statement; We are heading down a path towards Civil conflict. We have enemies of America here at home, and our Leaders remain oblivious to the threat.

Tom, I really like you and Ron Paul.

How about you two partner up and form an unbeatable force. Either one can be president/vice president!

Between the both of you, you have a perfect mix.

What do you say?

Unless one of you win, my hope for the America I was born in will be gone.

Mr. Tancredo,

what would you do to inspect all the cargo coming into this country by plane and ship?



I know that you are a proponent of the "Fair Tax" law.
I am not sure what is involved with that. Could you explain it?
One thing: With a National Sales Tax, where is the relief for those of us who have paid the ever more oppresive Income Tax all our lives and have retired with little or no income?
Are we now supposed to pay again on the same money that we have been able to set aside? Hardly seems FAIR!


What is your stand on national ID and/or the Real ID act?

Tom, I am hearing about the North American Union being planned for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. As you know, this would mean absolutely no borders between these three countries. What can you tell me about this and what can we do to stop this? I do have one other question. How can we stop our U.S. border agents from leaving our border to guard the Iraq border? This just doesn't make sense to me. Our border needs to be tighter then ever with terrorists and illegals coming through.

I really appreciate your definite approach to illegal immigration, and the policies you suggest and your approach appeal to me.

It would be useful to know more in that vein about your views on Iraq. Obviously it is a military matter, but that is part of the President's job. Specifically, do you--right now, without looking at the desert mirage and waiting for another political bellwether--think that we are winning or losing?

Thanks from Missouri.


I believe many Americans agree with John DiNardo, myself being one of them.
John from Missouri has hit the nail on the head of much of the Political coruption. The "North American Union" run by the "Tri-Lateral Commission" is all about Oil in Mexico and the Tar pits in Canada. This, I believe is why Bush has so strongly pushed for "Amnesty". There is huge money to be made by the "Bush" empire. Is it in the best interest of the American people? Of course not! It's all about GREED! In my opinion, this is why the Tri-lateral doesn't want the Middle Class American citizen to know anything about it.
My question is, what is your position on this issue?
Tancredo for President of the United States of America!

I am a resident of Southeastern Colorado and I was wondering what your stance is on the Pinon Canyon Expansion. This issue is really very important to residents in this area. Thank you. I hope you are on our side.

Rep. Tancredo:

Do you favor a law which limits the application of the 14th amendment extension of citizenship to only aliens offspring entrying the country legally? I know several attempts have been made in Congress to address this issue, but have languished in committee.

I know this is touchy issue, but most people I have talked to reasonably about the problem feel that the writers of the 14th amendment never thought about people
delibrately violating U.S. law to enter the country as aliens to which this amendment should apply.

Brent Waguespack
9005 Candlewood Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dear Representative Tancredo,

This is a question I am posing to all the Presidential candidates (Democratic and Republican), because it's an issue that I feel is 2nd in importance only to the Iraq war.

Assuming you get elected, what is your plan to reverse the excesses of the Bush administration? From warrant less wire-taps to signing statements in place of a line item veto to abuse of executive privilege, President Bush has done more to undermine the Constitution than any threat, foreign or domestic, in our nations history.

Will you be willing to support Grand Jury investigations into criminal activity on the part of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, Ashcroft and Gonzales? Why or why not?

Jordan Lund
8998 SE 79th Place
Portland, OR 97206

Mr. Tancredo, I have two questions:
1. What do you plan to do to provide educational and economic opportunities for the children who get stuck in the middle--who are born here and will have no citizenship according to your immigration bill? They can't very well go "home" when they have no home to go to. Do you think they have a fair chance at success (do you think they even need a fair chance)? 2. When employers are penalized (finally!) for feeding illegal immigration, what sort of back up plan do you have if 10 - 15 million illegal immigrants decide to up and leave this country within a short period of time? Meaning, how will you soften the economic transition to big businesses and small alike?

The John Dinardo letter is an obvious fake.

Note the date: April Fools Day.

In addition, 4/1/07 was a Sunday. No court.

Greetings, Congressman Tancredo.

As a person of faith (and a Baptist preacher, myself), I am always concerned with:

#1, Churches and religious groups taking actions in our country which in the long run could undermine my freedoms to practice my faith freely in America.

A) Westboro Baptist Church and the hateful actions that they are committing.
B) The PCUSA denomination, back in 2004, taking millions of dollars of stock out of Caterpillar as a political statement against them, since they sell bulldozers to Israel and apparently the PCUSA doesn't like how Israel handles things with the Palestinians.
C) The high number of United Methodist ministers preaching communistic/socialist messages to their congregations from week to week instead of just preaching the Bible and it's Gospel.
D) The many-many clear examples of anti-war pacifism preaching and advertising done by the Quaker churches in America.

#2, Local, State and Federal government legislation, designed to curtail freedom of religion.

A) Legislation which is supposedly designed to protect certain classes in America against "hate crimes" and "hate speech" but ultimately (in the long run) will bring about the persecution of Christians in America who preach the Bible from cover to cover, stating what the Bible states is sin and abomination in the sight of God.
B) Government action to remove religious landmarks from publicly owned buildings and property (often as a result of the ACLU and other organizations prompting this).
C) Efforts to remove religious speech from the public square, even so far as to remove "one nation, under God" from our pledge of allegiance.
D) Government actions, many times on the local and state level, to prohibit or deter evangelistic efforts of churches.

My question to you is, if (and I HOPE) you do become President of the United States of America, how will you protect our Constitutional rights to practice our religious freedoms in the face of extreme and political actions of radical Christians and in the face of liberal, left leaning politicians in government? In other words, considering that there are some "Christians" whose actions hurt good Christians in this country and considering that there are atheist, secularist and liberal politicians that are seeking to take away religious freedom (and specifically that of preaching the Bible's words, truth and message), how will you protect religious freedom in this country, as President?

I know my question may seem "deep" to some, but it is something that's been troubling me for a long time and I want "Tancredo's Take" on it. :-) Thanks for your time and attention and thanks for your answer to my question.

(I know many politicians would want to shy away from this kind of question, but, you have already proved yourself to have the right kind of character, courage and heart. So, because of that, I have spent this time to carefully ask this question.)

God bless you, Congressman Tancredo! God bless America! And I pray that you get the Republican nomination and are elected President in '08! You don't realize just HOW MUCH America NEEDS you as President! We believe YOU CAN WIN!

Kind Regards,

Registered Republican :-)
Newington, CT

Congressman Tancredo, I hope that Ellen's questions (posted on July 6th) are addressed in one of your video responses (in addition to my question too, of course :-).

I heard that President Bush is supposed to be meeting over The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) in Canada one month from now.

There's an excellent article on this subject here:


Congressman Tancredo, have you heard of the web-site, StopHerNow.com? Maybe someone needs to start a web-site (if they haven't already) called StopHimNow.com?!?!

How can we put a stop to this NAU now? And how can we put a stop to it permanently?

Personally, I had a great deal of respect and adoration for President George W. Bush. However, with the recent amnesty bill that he tried to shovel down our throat and now with the SPP and NAU, I have lost ALL respect for him and I am flaming mad!

Quite honestly, I think President Bush needs to be YANKED out of office before he totally ruins our country!

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