17 June 2007 at 11:33 PM EST

Tancredo on his Stunning Victory

Posted by Mike Tate in Colorado | Comments (3) | Permalink

Today, Congressman Tancredo and I were driving around the Denver area ("Tancredo Land"), while he shared his thoughts on the measure passed in the House that will "withhold federal emergency services funding for 'sanctuary cities' that protect illegal immigrants" on Friday. Tancredo sponsored this amendment.

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Congratulation, Tom, on your great House victory (pulling the plug on sanctuary cities)!! Great job! We appreciate your dedication. Others running for president are out campaigning and you are doing what you say you will do--plus running for president.

Great job Congressman. Don't let up on these SOB's. Next on the agenda, the 14th amendment and removing birthright citizenship to the children of those who sneak into our country. Then God willing onto the White House.

We have to be careful now not to let the liberals define the terms of the debate as being "hard-hearted conservatives cutting off funding for kids, minorities, and the poor." They are very good at doing that, and conservatives are very bad at responding in kind. If they do, please don't be afraid to blast those incompetent city managers for sheltering illegals (and potential terrorists) and bringing all of it on their own heads.

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