29 June 2007 at 1:40 PM EST

Tancredo on FOX News Channel's Neil Cavuto Yesterday

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Thank you!
Use the current laws. Build the funded fence as the LAW states. No sanctuary cities. Allow all law enforcement to do their jobs.

It is simple, and NOT status quo.

Enforce the laws. Build our fence.

Absolutely correct!! It is not the status quo. The status quo would have been to pass yet another amensty, and another and another until America is destroyed by default. Finally, we may see the tide starting to turn. Even if the President continues to do nothing to help America, at least we have a chance of defeating any futher Amnesty until the next President comes to office. If a Democrat or one of the current "top tier" of the Republicans get in, then it may be another four to eight years before we make any real progress, but at least, hopefully, we won't commit suicide in the meantime.

I have authored, and forwarded, the following letter to President Bush.
I will be supporting Tancredo in 2008 and thus give him right to use any, or all, of the following.

George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

I have given you my full support at all times and have never wavered until now.
Now I realize that the President is just a man – no better than I, or any other citizen in this country. As a citizen, it is time for me to speak up for the United States of America.
The intent of this letter, and the speech that follows, is to invigorate the Presidents’ approval rating to heights never before attained by any previous President. Every citizen of this great country, and those for generations to come, will remember that ‘this’ President, George W. Bush, brought the country back from the precipice of non-existence by foreign nationals who have no regard for our country’s sovereignty.
We as a country have never faced such as serious problem. We have been invaded by millions through our southern borders, and they ‘do’ have a plan. Our complacency feeds and simplifies their plan. The Mayor of my city of Los Angeles has openly declared that “There are no illegals here”. Dear Mr. President – There Are! If the illegal aliens stand shoulder to shoulder, they will stretch from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back again. That is just counting the 12 million that we know about. There is a problem here and it has to stop. Amnesty (in any form) is not the answer. We learned this from President Reagan’s attempt, and suffer from its’ consequence today.
Resurrect, your popularity to an unimaginable degree Mr. President. Address the Nation and give the following speech on national television.

R. Michael Harrison

The Speech
“My fellow citizens of the United States. Your voices have been heard loud and clear. Because of you, I will no longer pursue, and will reject outright, any form of amnesty for those who chose to take advantage of our country’s generosity.”
“From this day on, I promise you that I will work tirelessly throughout the remainder of my term to ensure that America’s immigration laws are respected, and more importantly - enforced. It is time that the Government of the United States put the welfare of its citizens first. That task begins today, and will be completed prior to my leaving this office. America belongs to its people – not to foreign nationals claiming to have the rights of American citizens.”
“No other country on this planet can measure up to the generosity of the United States and its’ people, but this wanton belief that America is free for the taking, must, and will be corrected.”
“Our 1,952 miles of border fencing will be completed by January 2008. This project will proceed around the clock until our southern border is fully secure. To those who view this fence as a sinister barrier between two countries, I say you are wrong. This fence will lead you to our gates, and serve as a reminder that they are open to all who choose to pass through them according to the immigration laws of the United States of America.”
“Further, I will lay the groundwork to finally put to rest the true interpretation of the 1858 Citizenship Clause to the Constitution. The intent of the term “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” has been demonstratively misinterpreted by those intent on hijacking its meaning for their benefit.”
“From this day forward, I, and my administration will prove that we are here for two reasons only – ‘By the People’ and ‘For the People’.”
“America is YOURS!”
“I will give it back to YOU!”
Good-night, and God Bless America.

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